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War Tech Fighters Achievements

Find all the War Tech Fighters achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Heavy and tough! Heavy and tough! 0 Played with a Rhino War Tech 15
Fast and swift! Fast and swift! 0 Played with a Hawk War Tech 15
Virtue stands in the middle! Virtue stands in the middle! 0 Played with a Lynx War Tech 15
Welcome to the Market! Welcome to the Market! 0 Bought your first upgrade 10
Ares Defender Ares Defender 0 Completed the "Home Sweet Home" mission 20
Hiding In The Shadows Hiding In The Shadows 0 Completed the "Burning Hot" mission 20
Merciless Merciless 0 Executed your first enemy 10
Crusader Crusader 0 Won your first close combat in a mission 10
Wave of Destruction Wave of Destruction 0 Used the quantum wave for the first time 15
A Friend in Danger A Friend in Danger 0 Found and saved Sule 20
I Remember That Day... I Remember That Day... 0 Replayed a mission in the simulator 10
Nothing ventured, nothing gained Nothing ventured, nothing gained 0 Won your first challenge 15
Science can do everything! Science can do everything! 0 Developed your first R&D project 10
Intruder Intruder 0 Completed the "Tabula rasa" mission 20
Rookie Rookie 0 Completed all the tutorials in the simulator 15
Falling from the sky Falling from the sky 0 Fought in a low-orbit battle 20
The Armory The Armory 0 Bought your first sword 10
Protect Yourself! Protect Yourself! 0 Bought your first shield 10
Killing Light Killing Light 0 Developed the laser technology 35
Magnetic Personality Magnetic Personality 0 Developed the magnetic technology 35
Anti-matter! Anti-matter! 0 Developed the anti-matter technology 35
Battle Proven! Battle Proven! 0 Received your first prize in survival mode 20
Become the Mantis! Become the Mantis! 0 Equipped the Mantis set 40
Hunting the Hound! Hunting the Hound! 0 Battled the Black Hound for the first time 20
Fallout! Fallout! 0 Witnessed a nuclear attack 20
Unleash the Fury! Unleash the Fury! 0 Equipped the Fury set 40
Hidden treasure! Hidden treasure! 0 Found the first special project 15
Collector! Collector! 0 Found all the parts of a special project 30
Shooting Star Shooting Star 0 Fought with Starburst 20
Droid's logic Droid's logic 0 Met the miners droids 20
Thinking like a droid Thinking like a droid 0 Helped the miners corporation 20
A light in the dark A light in the dark 0 Used a miners' remote energy generator 20
Here comes the Reaper! Here comes the Reaper! 0 Equipped the Reaper set 40
Supernova power! Supernova power! 0 Equipped a Supernova Ray gun 30
Scavenger Scavenger 0 Dismantled your first component 10
Soul Reaper Soul Reaper 0 Equipped "Wrath" 15
Andreas the brave! Andreas the brave! 0 Witnessed Andreas' courage 50
A new beginning A new beginning 0 Started a New Game + campaign 20
Back In Black Back In Black 0 Equipped the Black Mantis set 40
I am War Machine! I am War Machine! 0 Equipped one of the War Machine components 30

Secret Achievements

The Beast is Tamed! The Beast is Tamed! 0 Defeated Red Roger 20
Loosing a friend Loosing a friend 0 Witnessed Starburst's fate 20
It's not the droid you're looking for! It's not the droid you're looking for! 0 Fought the miners' corporation 20
A traitor among us. A traitor among us. 0 Found out the traitor's identity 25
The pirate's way! The pirate's way! 0 Witnessed the Black Hound's death 50