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GRID 2019 Achievements

Find all the GRID 2019 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Final Stretch Final Stretch 0 Gain entry to the GRID World Series 90
Best of the Best Best of the Best 0 Win the 'Showdown: Ravenwest' Career Event 90
Down Under Down Under 0 Win the 'Showdown: Hammerhead' Career Event 30
All-American All-American 0 Win the 'Showdown: Vulpini Racing' Career Event 30
Pro Tuned Pro Tuned 0 Win the 'Showdown: DisruptR' Career Event 30
Das Beste Das Beste 0 Win the 'Showdown: Euro Rand' Career Event 30
Triple Crowned Triple Crowned 0 Win the 'Showdown: Fernando Alonso' Career Event 30
Mercenary Mercenary 0 Win the 'Showdown: Aurora Motorsport' Career Event 30
Pro Driver Pro Driver 0 Reach player level 50 30
A Fine Choice A Fine Choice 0 Purchase your first car 10
Content Tracker Content Tracker 0 Purchase at least one car in each class 90
Race Driver Race Driver 0 Reach Player Level 99 90
Worth its Weight Worth its Weight 0 Earn a gold trophy in every Career Event 90
Around the Globe Around the Globe 0 Drive a total distance equal to the circumference of the Earth 90
By Invitation Only By Invitation Only 0 Complete every Career Event in the Invitational category 30
Personal Touch Personal Touch 0 Customise your first livery 15
FA Racing Specialist FA Racing Specialist 0 Complete every Career Event in the FA Racing category 15
Cruise Control Cruise Control 0 Complete every Career Event in the GT category 15
Out Of Stock Out Of Stock 0 Complete every Career Event in the Stock category 15
Tour Guide Tour Guide 0 Complete every Career Event in the Touring category 15
Fine Tuned Fine Tuned 0 Complete every Career Event in the Tuner category 15
Show Off Show Off 0 Win a race by crossing the line backwards 15
Brawler Brawler 0 Beat your first Nemesis 15
RavenBest RavenBest 0 Win a race in a Ravenwest livery with Nathan McKane as your team mate 15
Coupon Car Coupon Car 0 Win an Event with at least 3 other racers using a loan car 15
Next Contestant Please Next Contestant Please 0 Beat your first Career Rival 15
Underdog Underdog 0 Win an Event having finished the first round in last place 15
Pristine Pristine 0 Finish a race with at least 3 other racers without taking any damage 15
First Of Many First Of Many 0 Win your first Career Event 15