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Doodle God: Evolution Achievements

Full list of Doodle God: Evolution achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Doodle God: Evolution has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Good Start Good Start 0 6 elements created 5
Farmer Farmer 0 All domestic animals unlocked 50
Tamer Tamer 0 All predators unlocked 50
Bird-fancier Bird-fancier 0 All birds unlocked 50
Summoner Summoner 0 All magic creatures unlocked 50
Giants Giants 0 All big animals unlocked 50
Cock-a-doodle-do Cock-a-doodle-do 0 Element Rooster unlocked 5
Kitty Kitty 0 Element Cat unlocked 5
Creator of Diversity Creator of Diversity 0 10 groups created 40
Creator of Life Creator of Life 0 Life created 10
Creator of Humanity Creator of Humanity 0 Human created 10
Creator of Civilization Creator of Civilization 0 Episode One passed 45
Creator of Technology Creator of Technology 0 Episode Two passed 45
Creator of Modernity Creator of Modernity 0 Episode Three passed 45
Creator of Magic Creator of Magic 0 Episode Four passed 50
God of Fun God of Fun 0 Games created 20
Brilliant Inventor Brilliant Inventor 0 Episode One passed without hints 50
Deity of Darkness Deity of Darkness 0 All Bad things created 50
God of Patience God of Patience 0 All reactions revealed 100
Doodle Bar Doodle Bar 0 All drinks created 20
Master of the Worlds Master of the Worlds 0 All episodes passed without hints 100
Master of Alchemy Master of Alchemy 0 All reactions with Philosophers' stone discovered 40
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect 0 Element created 3 or more times 5
Similar to Similar Similar to Similar 0 Similar elements reacted 5
Half the Kingdom Half the Kingdom 0 Save the Princess quest passed 20
Honorable Santa Honorable Santa 0 Go Santa Go quest completed 20
Heavenly Virtues Heavenly Virtues 0 Sins vs. Virtues quest completed 20
Greatest inventor Greatest inventor 0 Greatest Inventions quest completed 20
Salvation! Salvation! 0 Survivor quest completed 20