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Shadow Fencer Theatre Achievements

Find all the Shadow Fencer Theatre achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Act 1 Act 1 0 Complete the First Intermission 50
Act 2 Act 2 0 Complete the Second Intermission 50
Act 3 Act 3 0 Complete the Story 100
Beat the Credits Beat the Credits 0 Win the bonus match during end credits 25
At Least You Tried At Least You Tried 0 Attempt Marathon mode 25
Grandmaster Grandmaster 0 Win Marathon to achieve Grandmaster status 100
Tell Your Story Tell Your Story 0 Win a match in Improv 25
Let Them Tell It Let Them Tell It 0 Player 2 wins a match in Improv 25
Champion of Vaudeville Champion of Vaudeville 0 Win a Medley Match 50
Warming Up Warming Up 0 Play Training to prepare for a scene 25
That’s Not in the Script! That’s Not in the Script! 0 Win a round by throwing your weapon or punching 25
Master of Flying Objects Master of Flying Objects 0 Win a match by throwing your weapon or punching 50
One Take Jake One Take Jake 0 Beat the Story without losing a take 200
Speed Runner Speed Runner 0 Grandmaster time of less than 9 minutes 200
Quite the Acting Range Quite the Acting Range 0 Play all the skits 50