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Full list of SAMURAI SHODOWN achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Samurai Shodown Samurai Shodown 0 Earned all achievements in the game. 60
New Blood New Blood 0 [STORY] Clear with any character. 15
Versatility Versatility 0 [STORY] Clear with four different characters. 15
Irresistible Force Irresistible Force 0 [STORY] Clear with 12 different characters. 30
Indefatigable Indefatigable 0 [STORY] Clear with 16 different characters. 50
Purifying Force Purifying Force 0 [STORY] Defeat the boss. 30
Not Even a Scratch Not Even a Scratch 0 [STORY] Clear after using a Continue. 15
Is That All You've Got? Is That All You've Got? 0 [STORY] Clear without using a Continue. 30
World's Greatest World's Greatest 0 [BATTLE] Finish Gauntlet Mode with any character. 30
Back from the Dead Back from the Dead 0 [BATTLE] Win 5 successive victories in Survival Mode. 15
Gale of Fury Gale of Fury 0 [BATTLE] Extend the timer by at least 150 seconds in Time Trial Mode. 15
Rage Personified Rage Personified 0 [DOJO] Defeat a ghost character 10 times. 15
Flesh Eater Flesh Eater 0 [DOJO] Defeat a ghost character 50 times. 30
The Demon The Demon 0 [DOJO] Defeat a ghost character 100 times. 50
Kagemusha Kagemusha 0 [DOJO] Receive your first ghost. 15
Stone-Cold Killer Stone-Cold Killer 0 [DOJO] Fight a ghost match. 15
At Peace with Oneself At Peace with Oneself 0 [DOJO] Defeat your own ghost. 30
Warrior Pilgrim Warrior Pilgrim 0 [ONLINE] Fight a Ranked Match. 15
Closing the Distance Closing the Distance 0 [ONLINE] Play one Casual Match. 15
Triumphant Teamwork Triumphant Teamwork 0 [ONLINE] Fight a Team Battle. 15
Apt Student Apt Student 0 [TUTORIAL] Complete all lessons. 15
Endless Riches Endless Riches 0 [GALLERY] Unlock 15 movies. 15
Seven Great Treasures Seven Great Treasures 0 [GALLERY] Unlock 25 movies. 30
Art Aficionado Art Aficionado 0 [GALLERY] Unlock 17 pieces of artwork. 30
Cut Clean in Two Cut Clean in Two 0 Defeat 10 opponents with heavy attacks. 15
Backbreaker Backbreaker 0 Defeat 10 opponents using a Special Move. 15
Up in the Air Up in the Air 0 Defeat an opponent for the first time using a Weapon Flipping Technique. 15
Flash of Steel Flash of Steel 0 Defeat 10 opponents with Weapon Flipping Techniques. 15
Herculean Strength Herculean Strength 0 Defeat an opponent for the first time using a Super Special Move. 15
Simple Serenity Simple Serenity 0 Defeat 10 opponents with Super Special Moves. 15
In a Flash In a Flash 0 Defeat an opponent for the first time using Lightning Blade. 15
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Defeat 10 opponents with Lightning Blade strikes. 15
Counterpoint Counterpoint 0 Successfully use a Counter for the first time. 15
Predator Meets Prey Predator Meets Prey 0 Counter an opponent's attack 10 times. 15
Moment of Crisis Moment of Crisis 0 Successfully use Just Defense for the first time. 15
Opportunistic Instincts Opportunistic Instincts 0 Perform 10 Just Defenses. 15
Bolt of Brilliance Bolt of Brilliance 0 Knock down an opponent with a Stance Break 10 times. 15
All or Nothing All or Nothing 0 Perform a Blade Catch 10 times. 30
Furious Response Furious Response 0 Fill the Rage Gauge 50 times. 15
Blood Boiling Blood Boiling 0 Use Rage Explosion 50 times. 15
Bag of Broken Bones Bag of Broken Bones 0 Defeat an opponent while unarmed for an entire battle. 30
Over Before It Started Over Before It Started 0 Defeat an opponent by only kicking for an entire battle. 30
Me against the World Me against the World 0 Obtain your first perfect victory. 30
Decisive Finish Decisive Finish 0 Win a round within 10 seconds of the start of battle. 30
Match Made in Heaven Match Made in Heaven 0 Use the same character 100 times. 30