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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Achievements

Find all the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 54 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Legend of Durlag's Tower The Legend of Durlag's Tower 0 Explore Durlag's Tower and defeat the evil growing within it. 30
Lord Of Murder Lord Of Murder 0 Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. 50
Leave No Friend Behind Leave No Friend Behind 0 Complete the game with a full party without anyone dying. 30
Sacrifices Must Be Made Sacrifices Must Be Made 0 Finish the game with a full party of dead allies. 15
Hero Hero 0 Acquire Heroic reputation. 15
Villain Villain 0 Acquire Despised reputation. 15
Murder Incarnate Murder Incarnate 0 Kill 1,000 creatures. 15
Oathbreaker Oathbreaker 0 Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger. 15
Best Day Ever Best Day Ever 0 Have Bless, Chant, and Luck active at the same time. 15
Worst Day Ever Worst Day Ever 0 Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time. 15
Fishermen's Foe Fishermen's Foe 0 Return Tanya's stolen property. 15
Safe For Now Safe For Now 0 Defeat Carbos and Shank. 15
All the Options All the Options 0 Have Neera, Dorn, and Rasaad in the party at the same time. 15
Back to Basics Back to Basics 0 Speak to all the Candlekeep tutors and learn what they have to teach you. 15

Secret Achievements

On My Own On My Own 0 Leave Candlekeep, the only home you've ever known. 15
Friendly Faces at the Friendly Arm Friendly Faces at the Friendly Arm 0 Speak to Khalid and Jaheira at the Friendly Arm Inn. 15
Victory Is Mine Victory Is Mine 0 Killed Mulahey and ended the threat to the Nashkel mines. 15
Bandits Banished Bandits Banished 0 Killed Tazok and ended the bandit threat to the Sword Coast. 25
On the Trail On the Trail 0 Reported Rieltar's activities to Duke Eltan in Baldur's Gate 20
Hero of Baldur's Gate Hero of Baldur's Gate 0 Killed Sarevok and ended his threat to Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast. 50
Judge, Jury, Executioner Judge, Jury, Executioner 0 Put an end to Captain Brage's mad rampage. 20
Completionist Completionist 0 Finish all your chores before leaving Candlekeep. 15
An Ancient Evil An Ancient Evil 0 Destroyed the demon Aec'Letec. 30
Water, Water Everywhere Water, Water Everywhere 0 Killed Davaeorn and shut down his mining operation. 30
On My Own... Again On My Own... Again 0 Made your way through the catacombs beneath Candlekeep. 20
Mercenary of the Month Mercenary of the Month 0 Side with Silkie against the mercenaries in Beregost. 15
Worst Bodyguard Ever Worst Bodyguard Ever 0 Side with the mercenaries against Silkie in Beregost. 15
Scent of a Kobold Scent of a Kobold 0 Discover who let the kobolds into Gullykin. 15
Only Mostly Dead Only Mostly Dead 0 Return Drienne's cat to her. 20
Unpetrified Unpetrified 0 Restore Camah to life. 20
Sobering News Sobering News 0 Return Joseph's greenstone ring to his wife. 15
Save the Cow! Save the Cow! 0 Save Hulrik's cow. 20
Forest Friend Forest Friend 0 Side with Seniyad in the Cloakwood Forest. 15
Noble Assistant Noble Assistant 0 Side with Aldest Sashenstar in the Cloakwood Forest. 15
The Written Word The Written Word 0 Appease the ghost in the Ulcaster Ruins. 15
Faerûnian Idol Faerûnian Idol 0 Find and keep an artifact at the archaeological dig. 25
This Belongs in a Museum This Belongs in a Museum 0 Assist Charlston Nib at the archaeological dig. 15
Gallor's Plot Gallor's Plot 0 Assist Gallor at the archaeological dig. 15
Fishermen's Friend Fishermen's Friend 0 Side with the fishermen near Baldur's Gate. 15
Second Chance Second Chance 0 Convince Captain Brage to return to the Temple of Helm. 15
A Work of Art A Work of Art 0 Protect Prism until he completes his masterpiece. 15
Philistine Philistine 0 Return the stolen emeralds to Oublek. 15
Damsel Out of Distress Damsel Out of Distress 0 Help Abela the nymph escape. 15
Reunion Reunion 0 Bring Casson's body to Tremain. 15
Master Thief Master Thief 0 Steal a telescope from the Hall of Wonders. 25
Use Your Words Use Your Words 0 Convince Marl to back down without resorting to violence. 15
He Started It He Started It 0 Teach Marl a lesson. 15
Foreshadowing? Foreshadowing? 0 Bring Firebead a copy of The Fateful Coin. 15
Witch Slayer Witch Slayer 0 Send the witch Dynaheir to the afterlife. 15
Witch Savior Witch Savior 0 Set the witch Dynaheir free from her prison. 15
The Stone Cleric The Stone Cleric 0 Return the stone maiden at the Nashkel Carnival to life. 15
Entertained Entertained 0 Find Baeloth the Entertainer and convince him to join your party. 15
Lover's Sacrifice Lover's Sacrifice 0 Sent Tamoko to the afterlife. 15
Lover's Redemption Lover's Redemption 0 Convinced Tamoko to aid you. 15

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Complete Set A Complete Set 0 Find all of Takos's missing heirlooms. 15
Family Reunion Family Reunion 0 Track down all of Glint's family members. 15
Get Out! Get Out! 0 Get the strange voice out of Neera's head. 15
Harper's Gift Harper's Gift 0 Aid Khalid with his romantic request. 15
Grub... Doubled Grub... Doubled 0 Help M'Khiin find her path. 15
Know Thyself Know Thyself 0 Help Ammon in the Korlasz family tomb. 15
Family Secrets Family Secrets 0 Discover a secret hidden away in the Korlasz family tomb. 15
Far Out Far Out 0 Summon three creatures to the Prime Material Plane using the Spectacles of Spectacle. 15
Give The Enemy No Quarter Give The Enemy No Quarter 0 Pushed the crusade back across Boareskyr Bridge. 15
Stand Alone Stand Alone 0 Defeat the elite crusader Ashatiel in a one on one battle. 15
Appeal to Reason Appeal to Reason 0 Present evidence of the crusade's crimes to Julann. 15
Detailed Investigation Detailed Investigation 0 Find the traitor within the coalition camp. 15
Trivium Trivium 0 Perform a task worthy of the Terrible Trivium. 15
Breaking Point Breaking Point 0 Persuade Rigah to turn against Julann. 15
Painful Recital Painful Recital 0 Fail to impress the ancient menhirs with your singing ability. 15
He's Just Misunderstood He's Just Misunderstood 0 Side with Tsolak the vampire. 15
Stone to Flesh Stone to Flesh 0 Save all the missing refugees in the Coast Way forest. 15
Well Done Well Done 0 Deal with an angry water elemental. 15
Whipped Into Shape Whipped Into Shape 0 Train all of Vigilant Halasan's recruits properly. 15
Unpopular Unpopular 0 Have Baeloth, Viconia, M'Khiin, Dorn, and Edwin in the same party. 15
Newer Kids on the Block Newer Kids on the Block 0 Have Corwin, Glint, M'Khiin, and Voghiln in the same party. 15
The O.G. The O.G. 0 Reunite with old friends. 15
Explorer Explorer 0 Explore all unique encounters. 25
Darkseer Darkseer 0 Use infravision to navigate an area of darkness. 15
All the Allies All the Allies 0 Recruit all the bonus allies possible for the final battle. 15
All the Enemies All the Enemies 0 Fight all the bonus enemies possible at the final battle. 15

Secret Achievements

The End of Korlasz The End of Korlasz 0 Dealt with Korlasz, the last follower of Sarevok. 15
A Long Journey A Long Journey 0 Set out upon the journey to Dragonspear Castle. 15
A Critical Moment A Critical Moment 0 Saved Boareskyr Bridge from destruction at the hands of the crusade. 15
Defender Defender 0 Successfully defended the coalition camp from attack. 15
The Devil You Know The Devil You Know 0 Destroyed the devil Belhifet. 50
Dumathoin's Disappointment Dumathoin's Disappointment 0 Destroyed the lich Coldhearth and his phylactery. 30
String Cutter String Cutter 0 Destroyed the mind flayer Darskhelin. 30
Riddlemaster Riddlemaster 0 Answered the menhir's riddle, Vidhyadar's riddle, and Thrix's riddle correctly. 15
Your Father's Grave Your Father's Grave 0 Reached Boareskyr Bridge, the site of Bhaal's death. 15
Hasty Retreat Hasty Retreat 0 Discovered Hephernaan within Dragonspear Castle. 15
Diffusion Diffusion 0 Stopped the sickening energy emanating from the spellstone. 15
Not The Battle We Came For Not The Battle We Came For 0 Peacefully surrendered Bridgefort to the crusade. 15
Inside Job Inside Job 0 Sabotaged the drawbridge at Bridgefort and let the crusaders in. 15
Strange Bedfellow Strange Bedfellow 0 Delivered the amulets of his former companions to Coldhearth. 15
Blessed By Talona Blessed By Talona 0 Poisoned supplies within Dragonspear Castle. 15
Divine Pact Divine Pact 0 Recruited Caelar Argent to your side. 15
Atonement Atonement 0 Left Caelar Argent behind to guard the portal to the Prime Material Plane. 15
A Reunion of Friends A Reunion of Friends 0 Reunited the spirits of Daeros Dragonspear and Halatathlaer. 15
Thorough Thorough 0 Defeated the elite crusaders guarding the rear of Dragonspear Castle. 15
Kanaglym Cleansed Kanaglym Cleansed 0 Defeated the cabal of wizards hiding within lost Kanaglym. 15
It Wasn't Me! It Wasn't Me! 0 Convinced Duke Belt that you weren't responsible for Skie's murder. 15
In the Name of the Father In the Name of the Father 0 Commanded Madele to murder in the name of Bhaal. 15
Amendments Amendments 0 Ordered Madele to amend her murderous misdeeds. 15
Four on One Four on One 0 Defeated the burglars in Sorcerous Sundries by yourself. 15
Nature Lover Nature Lover 0 Sided with the surface druids at the underground river entrance. 15
Dark Ally Dark Ally 0 Sided with Ferrusk at the dark druid circle. 15
I Don't Care I Don't Care 0 Convinced Corwin that you did not commit murder. 15
You Chose... Poorly You Chose... Poorly 0 Thrix claimed a party member's soul. 15
Scales of the Beast Scales of the Beast 0 Forged a dragonscale item. 15
Tapped into the Void Tapped into the Void 0 Forged a void weapon. 25
Well, It's Heavy Well, It's Heavy 0 Acquired a gold bust of yourself. 15
I'm A Wizard and That Looks... I'm A Wizard and That Looks... 0 Murdered the trapped crusaders in the Temple of Cyric. 15
The Hard Way The Hard Way 0 Picked the least suitable units to fight the crusaders at the coalition camp. 15
Proud of Yourself Proud of Yourself 0 Revealed your identity to the crusaders. 30