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Stunt Kite Party Achievements

Find all the Stunt Kite Party achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Real Farmer Real Farmer 0 Complete farm chapter. 15
Independence Kite Independence Kite 0 Defeat the alien in the arctic chapter. 30
Save The Day Save The Day 0 Protect Santa Breeze. 90
Socializer Socializer 0 Play 30 multiplayer sessions. 30
Predatory Feeding Predatory Feeding 0 Win a match of Bumblebee Banquet with at least 80 points. 30
Kite Champion Kite Champion 0 Win all cups. 90
Story Teller Story Teller 0 Complete story mode. 30
Full House Full House 0 Win all game modes in single player against 3 opponents at least once. 90
Collector Collector 0 Unlock all characters, skins and kites. 90
Explorer Explorer 0 Play with all kites, characters and skins at least once. 20
Vacation Time Vacation Time 0 Complete Beach chapter. 30
Cold Reception Cold Reception 0 Complete Arctic chapter. 30
Hunter Hunter 0 Win a match of Tail Snatch wie at least 200 points. 90
Game Of Tag Game Of Tag 0 Win a match of Catchin' Kites with at least 8 points. 30
Unwanted Visitor Unwanted Visitor 0 Win 15 matches of Alien Attack without taking a single hit. 30
Hide And Seek Hide And Seek 0 Win a match of Ghost Hunt with at least 80 points. 30
Armageddon Armageddon 0 Win a match of Meteor Blast with at least 170 points. 90
Experimental Kiting Experimental Kiting 0 Win 25 matches of Vortex Shootout without taking a single hit. 30
Chief Blaster Chief Blaster 0 Win 10 matches of TNT Tag without taking a single hit. 30
Missile Test Missile Test 0 Win 20 matches of Rocket Raid without taking a single hit. 30
Birthday Party Birthday Party 0 Win a match of Balloon Popper with at least 70 points. 30

Secret Achievements

Test Pilot Test Pilot 0 Crash 1000 times. 35