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Blair Witch Achievements

Find all the Blair Witch achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Last goodbye Last goodbye 0 Find out what happened to Bullet. 50
Last transmission Last transmission 0 Find out what happened to Peter. 50
I hate pizza I hate pizza 0 Make the pizza guy lose it. 30
Evil in the woods Evil in the woods 0 Kill your first monster. 15
Fast with a flashlight Fast with a flashlight 0 Kill 10 monsters. 15
Garbage Man Garbage Man 0 Pick up all the trash. 15
Dogs of war Dogs of war 0 Collect the first dog tag. 15
To fallen comrades To fallen comrades 0 Collect all dog tags of the fallen comrades. 15
The idol The idol 0 Collect the first wooden doll. 15
The fetish The fetish 0 Collect all wooden dolls. 15
Bullet doesn't like'em Bullet doesn't like'em 0 Break 10 totems. 15
Counseling Counseling 0 Collect the first psychiatrist's note. 15
Psychotherapy Psychotherapy 0 Collect all of the psychiatrist's notes. 50
Lost in the woods Lost in the woods 0 Collect the first victim's photo. 15
Picture perfect Picture perfect 0 Collect all victim's photos. 50
Good boy Good boy 0 Pet the dog 15
What you got there? What you got there? 0 Let Bullet bring you 10 things 15
The longest hike The longest hike 0 Walk 100 miles... 15
Snake charmer Snake charmer 0 Score 40 points in Cobra. 25

Secret Achievements

Break the cycle Break the cycle 0 Help Ellis to get his redemption. 200
Take his face Take his face 0 Become Carver 100
Ray of hope Ray of hope 0 Patch things up with Jess. 50
To absent friends To absent friends 0 Pay your respects to sheriff Lanning. 50
K.I.A. K.I.A. 0 Let the VA know about the lumberjack's death. 50
Pacifist Pacifist 0 End the game without killing any monsters 100