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River City Girls Achievements

Find all the River City Girls achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Shop until they drop? Shop until they drop? 0 Enter the Mall. 20
Bona fide bargain Bona fide bargain 0 Obtain an item from the Pawn Shop. 20
Master of Unlocking Master of Unlocking 0 Find the keys in the junk yard. 20
An Explosive Entrance An Explosive Entrance 0 Enter the Penthouse. 20
Full Service Full Service 0 Destroy a vending machine. 10
River City Ransom River City Ransom 0 Collected $5000 25
Back at me! Back at me! 0 Catch a boomerang. 10
Friendly Beatdown Friendly Beatdown 0 Defeated an enemy by hitting them with another enemy. 10
Perfect Parry Perfect Parry 0 Parry 10 enemy attacks. 35
Stylish! Stylish! 0 Equip a new outfit. 10
Power Up Power Up 0 Reached Max Level. 40
Renegade Renegade 0 That wasn't very nice! 10
Don't mess with us! Don't mess with us! 0 Complete the game in Co-Op. 75
TAKE THE WORLD ON TAKE THE WORLD ON 0 Completed the game on Hard. 75
Completionist Completionist 0 Reach 100% completion. 100

Secret Achievements

Your lessons are boring! Your lessons are boring! 0 Attacked Mr. Rudis. 10
Killed by Math Killed by Math 0 Was defeated in detention. 10
Carpe diem Carpe diem 0 Defeated an enemy with a fish. 10
You're out! You're out! 0 Catch a dodgeball thrown by your ally. 25
Help an Old Pal? Help an Old Pal? 0 Completed all of Godai's quests. 40
Smashed Statues Smashed Statues 0 Destroyed all Sabu statues. 50
A Real Workout A Real Workout 0 K.O. Misuzu. 25
Defeating the Dark Arts Defeating the Dark Arts 0 K.O. Yamada. 30
Fashionable Beatdown Fashionable Beatdown 0 K.O. Hibari. 35
A Bye Bye A Bye Bye 0 K.O. Abobo. 40
So Metal So Metal 0 K.O. Noize. 45
Like Father Like Daughter Like Father Like Daughter 0 K.O. Sabuko. 50
O.M.G. Seriously? O.M.G. Seriously? 0 K.O. the secret boss. 75
A New Challenger A New Challenger 0 Completed the game with a secret character. 75