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Police Stories Achievements

Full list of Police Stories achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Police Stories has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fair Play Fair Play 0 Get the first A. 10
Flawless Flawless 0 Get the first A+. 30
Rookie Rookie 0 Successfully complete 10 missions. 40
Gunsmith Gunsmith 0 Unlock all equipment. 50
Police Story Police Story 0 Complete the story. 120
Professional Professional 0 Complete the story a grade no lower than A-. 150
Groundhog Day Groundhog Day 0 Die 50 times. 10
The right to remain silent The right to remain silent 0 Secure 100 suspects. 30
Weighty argument Weighty argument 0 Fire 1000 bullets. 30
Door Kickers Door Kickers 0 Blow up, lockpick or break down 100 closed doors. 20
Collector Collector 0 Pick up 250 evidences. 20
Tourist Tourist 0 Walk 1000 meters. 30
The Hurt Blocker The Hurt Blocker 0 Defuse your first bomb. 20
Sapper Sapper 0 Defuse 10 bombs successfully. 30
Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune 0 Defuse the bomb by successfully cutting the wire. 20
Mercy Mercy 0 Complete mission without killing any suspects. 40
Clear! Clear! 0 Shoot a suspect with the taser. 10
Die Hard Die Hard 0 Stay alive after getting hit by three bullets. 30
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 Blind or stun more than three suspects with a single flashbang or C4. 30
Close Shave Close Shave 0 Successfully defuse a bomb with less than 10 seconds remaining 30
Not On My Watch Not On My Watch 0 Revive your teammate using the defibrillator. 20
Retribution Retribution 0 Die at the same time as the suspect who killed you. 20
Last Chance Last Chance 0 Kill a suspect with the last bullet in your magazine. 20
Angel of Vengeance Angel of Vengeance 0 Kill the suspect who has just killed your teammate. 20
At the Right Time At the Right Time 0 Kill a suspect while he is reloading. 10
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf 0 Complete the mission with Rick left standing at the spawn. 20
Get down! Get down! 0 Shout 1000 times. 10
Bad Boys Bad Boys 0 Complete the mission in local co-op mode. 10
Naked Gun Naked Gun 0 Kill the suspect with the handgun left after the destruction of your ballistic shield. 20
Brought a knife to a gunfight Brought a knife to a gunfight 0 Get killed while holding any equipment (excluding the ballistic shield, taser and pepper spray). 10
World of Glass World of Glass 0 Break 25 windows. 10
Police Academy Police Academy 0 View all tutorial slides. 20
Blown Away Blown Away 0 Detonate a bomb by cutting the wrong wire. 20
Running Man Running Man 0 During the mission run more than walk. 20
Dirty Harry Dirty Harry 0 Leave over 50 bloody steps in one mission. 20