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Tracks: The Train Set Game Achievements

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Sapling Sapling 0 Save a file containing 100 pieces of track 100
Elementree school Elementree school 0 Finish the tutorial 100
Spruce up the room Spruce up the room 0 Place 20 decorations from the spawn menu 50
On the right track On the right track 0 Deliver your first passenger to their destination 100
Riding the rails Riding the rails 0 Complete the first objective in Passenger mode 50
Good Service on all lines Good Service on all lines 0 Finish every objective in Passenger mode 200
Transcontinental railway Transcontinental railway 0 Visit every environment 100
I choo choo choose you I choo choo choose you 0 Pull the steam whistle around the Christmas presents 100
Off the rails Off the rails 0 Ride a train off the edge of the world 100
Maple goodness Maple goodness 0 Ride the train around the pancakes 100