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DOOM II (Classic) Achievements

Full list of DOOM II (Classic) achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

DOOM II (Classic) has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Space Station The Space Station 0 Beat all the space station levels (episodes 1-11) 100
The City The City 0 Beat all the city levels (episodes 12-20) 100
Hell Hell 0 Beat all the hell levels (episodes 21-30) 100
The Master Levels The Master Levels 0 Beat all the Master Levels 150
I'm Superbad! I'm Superbad! 0 Beat DOOM 2 in under 2 hours 150
Butcher Butcher 0 Get 25 kills in deathmatch 25
Glorious Glorious 0 Get 100 kills in deathmatch 50
When I'm With You When I'm With You 0 Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode 50
Until It Is Done Until It Is Done 0 Get 100 chainsaw kills 50
Heavenly Joy Heavenly Joy 0 Shoot 200 bullets consecutively with the machine gun 25
Bad Monster! Bad Monster! 0 Kill yourself and an enemy with your own rocket explosion 25
Skeet Shooting Skeet Shooting 0 Kill 4 enemies in 1 shot with the super shotgun 25
Superior Firepower Superior Firepower 0 Kill 12 enemies in one shot with the BFG 25
That Can't Be Good That Can't Be Good 0 Take damage from an environmental hazard 5
Not So Friendly Fire Not So Friendly Fire 0 Cause an enemy to kill another enemy 25
Slip of the Finger Slip of the Finger 0 Kill a teammate in co-operative multiplayer 5
It's a Secret It's a Secret 0 Find a secret level 15
Not a Very Good Secret Not a Very Good Secret 0 Find all the secret levels 25
Indiscriminate Indiscriminate 0 Kill one of every enemy 50