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Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty Achievements

Find all the Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Disciple of Odd Disciple of Odd 0 Rescue a quarter of all the Mudokons 15
Shepherd of Odd Shepherd of Odd 0 Rescue half of all the Mudokons 25
Prophet of Odd Prophet of Odd 0 Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Easy mode 35
Saviour of Odd Saviour of Odd 0 Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Normal mode 50
Odd Messiah Odd Messiah 0 Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Hard mode 65
No Place Like Home No Place Like Home 0 Find and use all the secret entrances to RuptureFarms 50
Act of Odd Act of Odd 0 Kill 99 Mudokon slaves 15
Speed of the Mudomo Speed of the Mudomo 0 Escape 5 or more pursuing Paramites 10
Speed of the Mudanchee Speed of the Mudanchee 0 Run from a Scrab for 25 meters and survive 15
Close Shave Close Shave 0 Escape a Scrab by the skin of your loins 20
Hit the Deck Hit the Deck 0 As a possessed Slig, fire over the head of a cowering Mudokon 20
Still Life Still Life 0 Escape Stockyards and Free Fire Zone without triggering the alarm or dying 50
Mine Games Mine Games 0 Deactivate 3 toggle mines in a row with no mistakes 30
Close Encounters of the Slig Kind Close Encounters of the Slig Kind 0 Kill a Slig with any kind of mine 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooked To Perfection 0 Destroy a Chant Suppressor with a cooked grenade 20
Odds and Rockers Odds and Rockers 0 Bounce a rock off a wall and on to a mine 15
Under New Management Under New Management 0 Drop 2 Sligs down a single trapdoor at the same time 20
Mudokonga Mudokonga 0 Rescue 9 Mudokons at the same time 20
Don't Get Mad: Get Elum Don't Get Mad: Get Elum 0 Ride Elum for 200 meters without stopping 15
Nine-Tenths of the Law Nine-Tenths of the Law 0 Kill 9 Sligs with a single possessed Slig 25
A Long, Hard Slog A Long, Hard Slog 0 Kill 30 Slogs in 30 seconds 25
Rockin' Mudokon Rockin' Mudokon 0 Kill a bat with a rock 15
Escape Fartist Escape Fartist 0 Escape from RuptureFarms without Abe being spotted by any Slig 35
Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear…? Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear…? 0 Have Abe die in 15 different ways 25
RuptureFarms: Now Hiring! RuptureFarms: Now Hiring! 0 Kill Sligs in 15 different ways 35
New 'n' Hasty New 'n' Hasty 0 Rescue every Mudokon with an overall Best Time of 3:00:00 or less 75

Secret Achievements

Free Range Free Range 0 Find Sanctuary in the Holy Caves 20
Spirits' Unrest Spirits' Unrest 0 Acquire the first hand scar 35
Shrykull Awakened Shrykull Awakened 0 Acquire the power of Shrykull 35
Employee of the Year Employee of the Year 0 Break back into RuptureFarms 20
The Final Hour The Final Hour 0 Shut down the RuptureFarms generator 35
Liberator of the Mudokon Liberator of the Mudokon 0 Become a Mudokon saviour 50
Mudokon Pop Mudokon Pop 0 Become a Mudokon salami 25
Valve Time Valve Time 0 Turn off the gas with more than 30 seconds to spare 35
Oops… Oops… 0 Fail to observe your surroundings 0
Coming Soon… Coming Soon… 0 Find an advert for some New 'n' Tasty entertainment 10