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The Bard's Tale Trilogy Achievements

Full list of The Bard's Tale Trilogy achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy has 47 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Endgame Endgame 0 Enter Mangar's Tower. 20
Enter Sandman Enter Sandman 0 Cast the Dreamspell for the first time. 20
Gold Digger Gold Digger 0 Amass 100,000 gold coins. 10
A Fallen Hero A Fallen Hero 0 Enter the home of Saradon. 20
A Good Year A Good Year 0 Find the wine cellar. 10
A Hundred Years From Now A Hundred Years From Now 0 Uncover the final prophecy of Longinus the Mad. 25
A Matter of Time A Matter of Time 0 Create a Chronomancer. 20
A Shattered Dream A Shattered Dream 0 Visit the ruins of Skara Brae. 10
A Song of Only Fire A Song of Only Fire 0 Use a fire horn. 10
All The Stars In The Sky All The Stars In The Sky 0 Complete Thief of Fate by defeating the Mad God and ascending to godhood 100
Apprentice Apprentice 0 Level a character to level 10. 10
Art Critic Art Critic 0 Destroy every statue in Skara Brae. 10
Blade Runner Blade Runner 0 Complete your quest in Kinestia. 20
Citizens of Caith Citizens of Caith 0 Visit each city. 10
Crystal Clear Crystal Clear 0 Defeat the Crystal Golem. 20
Dean's List Dean's List 0 Be promoted at the review board for the first time. 10
Elven Intrigue Elven Intrigue 0 Complete your quest in Arboria. 20
Heroes of Skara Brae Heroes of Skara Brae 0 Complete Tales of the Unknown by defeating Mangar and rescuing Skara Brae. 100
Hit Me! Hit Me! 0 Win a hand of blackjack at the casino. 10
I'm 'armless! I'm 'armless! 0 Disarm 50 traps. 10
Journeyman Journeyman 0 Level a character to level 25. 25
Knight in Shining Armor Knight in Shining Armor 0 Conquer the Dark Domain. 10
Earth-Shaking Development Earth-Shaking Development 0 Create a Geomancer. 20
Liberators of Caith Liberators of Caith 0 Complete The Destiny Knight by defeating Lagoth Zanta and his invading force. 100
Livin' La Vida Bard's Tale Livin' La Vida Bard's Tale 0 Use all services that towns in Caith have to offer 20
Master Master 0 Level a character to level 50. 50
Nemesis Nemesis 0 Win 500 battles. 25
Nowhere Man Nowhere Man 0 Complete your quest in Tenebrosia. 20
Retirement Planning for Heroes Retirement Planning for Heroes 0 Make your first deposit at the bank. 10
Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold 0 Complete your quest in Gelidia. 20
Roleplaying Roleplaying 0 Create your first character. 10
Skara Brae Shopaholic Skara Brae Shopaholic 0 Purchase services at an inn, a temple, Garth's and Roscoe's. 10
Something's Smelly Something's Smelly 0 Enter the sewers. 10
Storm the Gates Storm the Gates 0 Enter Harkyn's Castle. 10
Storm the Gates...Again! Storm the Gates...Again! 0 Enter Fanskar's Fortress. 10
The Archmage's Tale The Archmage's Tale 0 Master all magic levels of the Archmage class. 20
The Battle is Joined The Battle is Joined 0 Gain your first piece of the Destiny Wand. 10
The Destiny Knight The Destiny Knight 0 Forge the Destiny Wand. 20
The Mage's Tale The Mage's Tale 0 Learn all spells for Conjurer, Magician, Sorcerer and Wizard with one character 20
The Magic Word The Magic Word 0 Enter the catacombs. 10
Thief of Fate Thief of Fate 0 Strike the killing blow against Tarjan with a rogue. 25
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider 0 Complete your quest in Lucencia. 20
Turning Point Turning Point 0 Acquire over half of the Destiny Wand pieces. 10
Twilight of the Gods Twilight of the Gods 0 Cast NUKE for the first time. 10
War Never Changes War Never Changes 0 Complete your quest in Tarmitia. 20
Weapon of Legend Weapon of Legend 0 Acquire the Spectre Snare 10
Wisdom of a Kind Wisdom of a Kind 0 Gain 30 unique pieces of insight from the Sage. 10