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Weakless Achievements

Find all the Weakless achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Baby steps Baby steps 0 Meet the Heroes and discover their skillsets 40
Praise the resin! Praise the resin! 0 Take part in weavlings' ritual. 40
Brave new world. Brave new world. 0 Find your way to ancient city. 40
Not on my watch. Not on my watch. 0 Scare away sleeping wurms 40
Technology addicted. Technology addicted. 0 Watch all micro stories recorded by ancients. 60
Keep practicing! Keep practicing! 0 Paint a poser in village. 40
Deaf, The Artist. Deaf, The Artist. 0 Paint all the views that Deaf enjoyed. 60
Blind, The Musician Blind, The Musician 0 Play on all instruments in game. 60
In the flash of Deaf In the flash of Deaf 0 Flash all resin-powered objects in game 60

Secret Achievements

It's not just music It's not just music 0 Finish handpan puzzle. 40
Something new Something new 0 Power up ancient technology. 40
Caution! Very rot water Caution! Very rot water 0 Safely cross through the waterland. 40
Different levels of partnership Different levels of partnership 0 Finish pergolas maze 40
Lost in the wild Lost in the wild 0 Get out of creepy jungle. 40
More weird buildings. More weird buildings. 0 Discover ancient ruins. 40
Kids are too lazy to walk. Kids are too lazy to walk. 0 Finish canals puzzle. 40
Hello darkness my old friend Hello darkness my old friend 0 Help Deaf to go through press machines. 40
At the edge of the tree At the edge of the tree 0 Reach your target destination. 60
Save the tree. Save the tree. 0 Detach all rotten pipes to save bastion's heart. 80
Things you wouldn't believe. Things you wouldn't believe. 0 We've seen things that you weavelings wouldn't believe. 60
Spammer. Spammer. 0 Have you seen what I've heard? 40