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Skater XL Achievements

Full list of Skater XL achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Skater XL has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Achievement Hunter Achievement Hunter 0 Unlock all Achievements in Skater XL 180
Out here grindin' Out here grindin' 0 Grind 1 km in total 90
Who needs 4 wheels Who needs 4 wheels 0 Manual for a 1 hour in total 90
Ungrindable Ungrindable 0 Do a 40 meter long Grind 30
Ultimate Balance Ultimate Balance 0 Do a 100m long Manual 30
Flatspots of hell Flatspots of hell 0 Do a 20m long Powerslide 30
Around the world Around the world 0 Travel over 40.075 km in total 90
Pro Skater XL Pro Skater XL 0 Do an at least 10m high air 30
Dropping Jaws Dropping Jaws 0 Land an at least 5m high drop 15
Mongo Pusher Mongo Pusher 0 Push Mongo 100 times 15
Finish all Tutorials Finish all Tutorials 0 Finish all Tutorials 15
Fashion Expert Fashion Expert 0 Change Gear 20 times 30
Filmer Filmer 0 Edit and save a Replay 15
Indestructable Indestructable 0 Bail over a 1000 times 30
Treflip Master Treflip Master 0 Do 10 Treflips in a row 90
Technical Wizardry Technical Wizardry 0 Do 3 different Flip Tricks in one combo 90
All the grinds All the grinds 0 Do 5 different grinds in one line 30
Flip in... Flip in... 0 Land a flip to grind 15
Grind to Grind Grind to Grind 0 Jump out of a grind into another grind 30
Do a Kickflip Do a Kickflip 0 Do a Kickflip on flat ground 10

Secret Achievements

Birbman Birbman 0 Do a 900 15