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Superliminal Achievements

Full list of Superliminal achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Superliminal has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Son of Man Son of Man 0 An apple for a head 20
Superluminal Superluminal 0 Beat the game in under 30 minutes 50
Speed Runner Speed Runner 0 Beat the game in under an hour 50
Wake Up Wake Up 0 Beat the game 50
Sugar Crash Sugar Crash 0 Break a soda can 20
Fires Extinguished Fires Extinguished 0 Empty all fire extinguishers 100
Why Are You Like This? Why Are You Like This? 0 Clone an object way too many times 20
Soda Connaisseur Soda Connaisseur 0 Drink all sodas 50
Polite Recognition Polite Recognition 0 Find the hidden trophy 20
Please Use Other Door Please Use Other Door 0 Find the nook in Optical 20
Expert Fire Alarmist Expert Fire Alarmist 0 Pull enough fire alarms 30
Fire Safety Achieved Fire Safety Achieved 0 Pull all the fire alarms 100
Fire Alarmist Fire Alarmist 0 Pull one fire alarm 10
Take Your Trash Elsewhere Take Your Trash Elsewhere 0 Fail at throwing away trash 20
Vaguely Activated Achievement Vaguely Activated Achievement 0 Congratulations on doing something! 50

Secret Achievements

Feeling Blue Feeling Blue 0 Find all blueprints 100
Chess Master Chess Master 0 Find all secret chess pieces 100
Stars Align Stars Align 0 Complete all constellations 100
Environment Saved! Environment Saved! 0 Place a soda can in a recycling bin 20
Please Recycle Please Recycle 0 Put a soda can in the wrong place instead of recycling 20
Kasparov Kasparov 0 Make the last move 50