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A Knight's Quest Achievements

Find all the A Knight's Quest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

And we're off And we're off 0 Completed the Prologue 20
And we're done And we're done 0 Completed the Game 50
This will help This will help 0 Found a Health Upgrade 20
More ballast More ballast 0 Found a Backpack upgrade 20
Destructive youth Destructive youth 0 In one visit, smashed all barrels and crates within Regalia Port City 40
A comedy of errors A comedy of errors 0 Fell to your death 13 times. 50
Oooh, shiny Oooh, shiny 0 Collected your first Gold Key 10
Ugh, slimy Ugh, slimy 0 Collected your first Slime 10
Erm, purple Erm, purple 0 Collected your first Essence 10
Thanks a bunch Thanks a bunch 0 Collected all Gold Keys 50
Need a foil hat Need a foil hat 0 Collected all Slimes 50
Essence of Rusty Essence of Rusty 0 Collected all Essences 50
Up the ante Up the ante 0 Earnt upgrade #1 for weapons 50
Getting serious Getting serious 0 Earnt upgrade #2 for weapons 50
Who wants some? Who wants some? 0 Earnt upgrade #3 for weapons 50
The holey trinity The holey trinity 0 Killed 3 enemies with each of the 3 different weapons within 15 seconds 50
Boom! Boom! 0 Killed 5 enemies at once 50
That's a lot of goo That's a lot of goo 0 Slimed 5 enemies at once 50
Is that even possible? Is that even possible? 0 Stunned 5 enemies at once 50
Setting the pace Setting the pace 0 Completed all the Races 30
Back at ya Back at ya 0 Parried 50 attacks 30
Dead again Dead again 0 Killed 50 skeletons 30

Secret Achievements

Not bad for a beginner Not bad for a beginner 0 Defeated the Wind General 20
Sizzling Sizzling 0 Defeated the Fire General 20
Ice to meet you Ice to meet you 0 Defeated the Ice General 20
Cheeky Tikis Cheeky Tikis 0 Defeated the Tikis 20
A chill wind blows A chill wind blows 0 Defeated Glacia 20
Lava-ly Lava-ly 0 Defeated Naraka 20
That's the spirit That's the spirit 0 Used Spirit Power 20
Hot shoe shuffle Hot shoe shuffle 0 Used Fire Run 20
Arctic roll Arctic roll 0 Used Ice Ball 20