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Backbone Achievements

Full list of Backbone achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Backbone has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Act 1 Act 1 0 You completed Act 1 15
Act 2 Act 2 0 You completed Act 2 15
Act 3 Act 3 0 You completed Act 3 15
Act 4 Act 4 0 You completed Act 4 15
Act 5 Act 5 0 You completed Act 5 15

Secret Achievements

Geezer pleaser Geezer pleaser 0 Geezers are people too, and you treated them all with the respect they deserved. 75
Sins of our fathers Sins of our fathers 0 For better or for worse, you shattered the innocence of the youth. 15
Badge of honour Badge of honour 0 You let lil' Henry hold your detective's badge. Good for you! 15
Keep the hope alive Keep the hope alive 0 Reassured Florence about the fate of her daughter, Rose. 15
Affirming flame Affirming flame 0 Life is harsh, but you didn't let that stop you from being compassionate when it mattered. 100
Me time Me time 0 You chose to spend your time under the Bridge in quiet reflection. 50
First trust First trust 0 You decided to let your walls down and trust Renee from the start. 15
Not born yesterday Not born yesterday 0 You decided to remain skeptical of Renee until she earned your loyalty. 15
True connection True connection 0 You felt a true connection to Renee, and acted on it. 150
Bad medicine Bad medicine 0 You lost your patience with Louis and walked all over him. 10
Tonic for the soul Tonic for the soul 0 You did your best to reassure Louis. 10
Howard Lotor Howard Lotor 0 You introduced yourself to everyone honestly. You are who you are. 60
Wallace Brotor Wallace Brotor 0 You might be a sneaky liar, but at least you kept the story straight about your alias. 60
Brollace Howtor Brollace Howtor 0 Your identity fluctuated throughout the investigation. 60
Enabler Enabler 0 You bought cigarettes for a precocious minor. 15
Trout talker Trout talker 0 You exhausted the fish and yourself. Time is vast and we are ending. 25
Smell-o-vision Smell-o-vision 0 You did it. You sniffed everything. Good job. 25
Blurb herder Blurb herder 0 You learned about all the books in the game. 20
Snoopy snooper Snoopy snooper 0 You checked out every file on Rose's terminal. Even the awkward stuff. 75
Cruel to be kind Cruel to be kind 0 Sometimes folks need tough love. Or in your case, all the time. 100
New habits die easy New habits die easy 0 You snitched to Roger about Joshua smoking. 15