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KAMIKO Achievements

Find all the KAMIKO achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Beginning The Beginning 0 Pressed the switch to open the first door 20
Fatal Blow Fatal Blow 0 Unleashed all 3 of the playable characters' Special Attacks in one save data 20
Apprentice Shrine Maiden Apprentice Shrine Maiden 0 Defeated 15 enemies in one stage 20
God of Combos God of Combos 0 Chained 100 combos 30
First Job First Job 0 Broke a seal to a "gate between worlds" for the first time 20
Sushi in the Trees Sushi in the Trees 0 Found secret item "Sushi" 30
To Battle! To Battle! 0 Opened 4 "gates between worlds" 20
The Forest of Awakening The Forest of Awakening 0 Cleared "The Forest of Awakening" 20
Burger in the Ruins Burger in the Ruins 0 Found secret item "Hamburger" 30
The Sunken Relics The Sunken Relics 0 Cleared "The Sunken Relics" 20
Crow in the Labyrinth Crow in the Labyrinth 0 Found secret item "Crow" 30
The Scorching Labyrinth The Scorching Labyrinth 0 Cleared "The Scorching Labyrinth" 20
Yamataikoku Doll Yamataikoku Doll 0 Found secret item "Doll" 30
Brimming with Power Brimming with Power 0 Have a playable character with max stats of HP12 and SP400 35
The Ruins of Yamataikoku The Ruins of Yamataikoku 0 Cleared "The Ruins of Yamataikoku" 20
Blade of Kusanagi Blade of Kusanagi 0 Cleared playing Yamato 20
Magatama of Yasakani Magatama of Yasakani 0 Cleared playing Uzume 20
Mirror of Yata Mirror of Yata 0 Cleared playing Hinome 20
Demon slayer Demon slayer 0 Killed 3000 enemies in one save data 35
Destroyer Destroyer 0 Destroyed 1500 objects in one save data 30
Blessed Shrine Maiden Blessed Shrine Maiden 0 Cleared game within 30mins 50
Enlightened Enlightened 0 Cleared the game within 30mins for each of the 3 playable characters within the same save data 60
Explorer Explorer 0 Found all secret items within the same save data 50
Songs to remember Songs to remember 0 Unlocked Sound mode 50
All the way All the way 0 Didn't use Continue to clear the game 70
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Cleared the game with no damage 80
Savior of the Transient World Savior of the Transient World 0 Unlocked all Achievements 150