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Vambrace: Cold Soul Achievements

Find all the Vambrace: Cold Soul achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Strange Visitor A Strange Visitor 0 Entered Dalearch City. 10
Be Our Guest Be Our Guest 0 Gained the right to stay at the Lost Lady Inn. 10
The Maker The Maker 0 Gained access to the crafting table. 10
Ice Breaker Ice Breaker 0 Destroyed the first Frostfence. 10
Hellion Hellion 0 How does one use this paper money? 10
Devespresso Devespresso 0 Found a missing research team. 10
Ready to Explore Ready to Explore 0 Completed Chapter 1. 30
The Market Opener The Market Opener 0 Completed Chapter 2. 50
The Liberator The Liberator 0 Completed Chapter 3. 100
The Betrayed The Betrayed 0 Completed Chapter 4. 100
The Escape Artist The Escape Artist 0 Completed Chapter 5. 100
Sparse Collection Sparse Collection 0 Collect 5 costumes. 10
Decent Collection Decent Collection 0 Collect 10 costumes. 10
Lovely Collection Lovely Collection 0 Collect 20 costumes. 50
Magnificent Collection Magnificent Collection 0 Collect all costumes. 100

Secret Achievements

North Venture Company VIP North Venture Company VIP 0 Supported Maru Han. 10
Ghost Bazaar VIP Ghost Bazaar VIP 0 Supported Gerrard. 10
The Warden The Warden 0 Escorted King Argrim back to Dalearch. 10
The Revolutionary The Revolutionary 0 Left King Argrim at Iceridge Penitentiary. 10
The Shade King's Power The Shade King's Power 0 Witnessed Sarge's death. 10
Scorpion Hunter Scorpion Hunter 0 Defeated Feroza. 10
The Prosecutor The Prosecutor 0 Captured Lanvil and turned him over to the Guardians. 10
Avenger Avenger 0 Executed Lanvil. 10
Mysterious Friends Mysterious Friends 0 Spoke with Zaquard before the attack. 10
Magical Company Magical Company 0 Spoke with Isabel before the attack. 10
Fallen Loyal Fallen Loyal 0 Dalearch's location was compromised to aid the Green Flame's raid. 10
Sister Sylvani Sister Sylvani 0 Matriarch Talindra sacrificed herself to block the tunnel leading to Dalearch. 10
The Vanquisher The Vanquisher 0 Explore all four districts of Icenaire. 10
The Coma The Coma 0 Hear Yaasol's Dream about The Coma. 10
Rescuers from Down Under Rescuers from Down Under 0 Completed Chapter 6. 100
The Augur of Edena The Augur of Edena 0 Go light. 50
The Queen of Shades The Queen of Shades 0 Go dark. 50
The Hero of Icenaire The Hero of Icenaire 0 Go the middle way. 50