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Disintegration Achievements

Full list of Disintegration achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Disintegration has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

School's Out School's Out 0 Complete the training mission. 25
Sensory Upgrade Sensory Upgrade 0 Socket a chip on a crew member. 25
Battle Tested Battle Tested 0 Complete a round of multiplayer. 25
Happy Little Trees Happy Little Trees 0 Craft a custom badge. 25
Suit Up Suit Up 0 Customize a multiplayer crew. 25
Side Quest Side Quest 0 Complete an optional campaign challenge. 25
Scan Man Scan Man 0 Use scan mode to identify 10 items. 25
Garbage Day Garbage Day 0 Collect 1000 salvage in the campaign. 25
Tough Stuff Tough Stuff 0 Complete a multiplayer challenge. 25
Directorial Debut Directorial Debut 0 Get 20 kills using direct targeting in campaign. 25
Shell Shock Shell Shock 0 Stagger 20 enemies with concussion grenades. 25
Timed Advantage Timed Advantage 0 Use your slow field on 20 enemies. 25
Death from Above Death from Above 0 Destroy 20 enemies with the mortar strike ability. 25
Smackdown! Smackdown! 0 Destroy 20 enemies with the ground slam ability. 25
Maximum Gains Maximum Gains 0 Level up your crew to level 10. 25
Storyteller Storyteller 0 Complete all campaign missions on Recruit difficulty or higher. 50
Completionist Completionist 0 Complete all campaign challenges. 50
Keen Explorer Keen Explorer 0 Find all bonus salvage containers in the campaign. 50
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded 0 Upgrade every squad unit fully. 75
Historic Performance Historic Performance 0 Complete any mission on Outlaw difficulty. 75
Job's Done Job's Done 0 Complete all other Achievement requirements. 125

Secret Achievements

Defend the Dam Defend the Dam 0 Complete the Mountain chapter of the campaign. 25
Defeat Black Shuck Defeat Black Shuck 0 Complete the Urban chapter of the campaign. 25
Make Meg Fly Make Meg Fly 0 Complete the Desert chapter of the campaign. 25
Defeat the Iron Cloud Defeat the Iron Cloud 0 Complete the Iceland chapter of the campaign. 25
The Mountaineer The Mountaineer 0 Complete all of the Mountain campaign chapter challenges. 25
Close Quarters Combat Close Quarters Combat 0 Complete all of the Urban campaign chapter challenges. 25
Lone Wanderer Lone Wanderer 0 Complete all of the Desert campaign chapter challenges. 25
A Freezing Feeling A Freezing Feeling 0 Complete all of the Iceland campaign chapter challenges. 25