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Little Nightmares II Achievements

Full list of Little Nightmares II achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Little Nightmares II has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Primetime Content Consumer Primetime Content Consumer 0 Your life is now free of challenges. Congratulations 80
No More Remains No More Remains 0 Nothing of us remains anywhere. Bravo! 75
Far Ahead Far Ahead 0 Hats are very important to some people 75
Evasive prey Evasive prey 0 Not today! 30
Half hat Half hat 0 It would be cliché to collect them all 20
In The Palm Of My Hand In The Palm Of My Hand 0 Hold tight and we'll be just fine 30
Toys Are For Kids Toys Are For Kids 0 There, you'll be much warmer now 15
Popcorn Popcorn 0 Movie night on the ward - all taken care of! 30
Hunger Hunger 0 Plenty of snacks for a growing boy 15
X Best Friends X Best Friends 0 I see through you... 15
Objection Objection 0 Some holes are more picky than others 30
Post Industrial Post Industrial 0 You punctuated someone's day. Maybe they'll notice! 30
Referee! Referee! 0 Unorthodox, but they all count! 15
Mono Tones Mono Tones 0 My, what a curious song you play! 15
Bully of Bullies Bully of Bullies 0 Creative, efficient, brutal. Top of the class! 30
Fly Free Fly Free 0 Rebellion at its finest! 15
Medicine ball Medicine ball 0 Any other last requests? 15

Secret Achievements

Foraged Foraged 0 Nature is a terrifying thing 30
Schooled Schooled 0 Best days of our short, terrible life 30
Hospitalised Hospitalised 0 Are you sure you don't need any further... treatments? 30
Paled Paled 0 Life in the big city is all over 30
Signal interruption Signal interruption 0 It's all over now 60
How Do I Look? How Do I Look? 0 Perfect! It's so... you! 15
...And Stay Dead! ...And Stay Dead! 0 Better to be safe than sorry 15
First do no harm First do no harm 0 It's crueller to let him live 15
Sick Kids Sick Kids 0 Nothing of us remains in the hospital 30
Unladylike Unladylike 0 Hello, have we met? 30
Pale Kids Pale Kids 0 Nothing of us remains in the pale city 30
True Colours True Colours 0 You never know when you need protection from the elements 15
School Kids School Kids 0 Nothing of us remains at the school 30
Fair Prey Fair Prey 0 It's not murder if they're bad people... is it? 15
Wild Kids Wild Kids 0 Nothing of us remains in the wilderness 30
Twenty-Six Twenty-Six 0 Relax, she heard you! 20
What's in the box?! What's in the box?! 0 What did you expect to see in there? 20
Merciful feat Merciful feat 0 Tempting, so tempting... 20