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Fight'N Rage Achievements

Find all the Fight'N Rage achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Good Enough Good Enough 0 Finish the game at Normal Difficulty. 10
One Credit Clear One Credit Clear 0 Finish the game without using continues at Normal Difficulty or Harder. 10
Child's Play Child's Play 0 Finish the game at Easy Difficulty. 10
More Than Good More Than Good 0 Finish the game at Hard Difficulty. 10
Hardcore Player Hardcore Player 0 Finish the game at Hardest Difficulty. 40
Mastered Gal Mastered Gal 0 Get the Gal's Black Belt. 40
Faster! Faster! 0 Finish the game playing at any Extra Speed. 40
Mastered Ricardo Mastered Ricardo 0 Get the Ricardo's Black Belt. 40
Mastered F.Norris Mastered F.Norris 0 Get the F.Norris' Black Belt. 40
Recruiter Recruiter 0 Get All Characters. 40
Ending Completionist 25% Ending Completionist 25% 0 Discover the 25% of the Endings. 40
Complement Completionist Complement Completionist 0 Get All Complements. 40
Gal Completionist Gal Completionist 0 Get all Gal's Costumes. 80
F.Norris Completionist F.Norris Completionist 0 Get all F.Norris' Costumes. 80
Ricardo Completionist Ricardo Completionist 0 Get all Ricardo's Costumes. 80
Ending Completionist 50% Ending Completionist 50% 0 Discover the 50% of the Endings. 80
Score Attack Master Score Attack Master 0 Get Rank S with All Characters at Score Attack Mode. 80
Ending Completionist 100% Ending Completionist 100% 0 Discover All the Endings. 80
Time Attack Master Time Attack Master 0 Get Rank S with All Characters at Time Attack Mode. 80
Survival Master Survival Master 0 Get Rank S with All Characters at Survival Mode. 80