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One Night Stand Achievements

Full list of One Night Stand achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

One Night Stand has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

That's a wrap! That's a wrap! 0 That's why they call it a one night stand. 20
Heading separate ways Heading separate ways 0 You got rejected. 35
Friend request Friend request 0 You became friends. 35
True friends True friends 0 Honesty really is the best policy. 30
No time to waste No time to waste 0 Escaped quickly and clothed. 30
No matter what No matter what 0 Escaped during her moment of need. 30
Caught Caught 0 You failed at the last hurdle. 25
In a twist In a twist 0 You got caught wearing her underwear. 30
Going viral Going viral 0 Sharing isn't caring. 20
Walk of shame Walk of shame 0 You got thrown out. 20
Run of shame Run of shame 0 You made a break for it. 30
Her song Her song 0 She picked up her six-string. 30
A true walk of shame! A true walk of shame! 0 You got thrown out without your clothes. 30
At least you can dress yourself At least you can dress yourself 0 You got thrown out with your clothes on. 30
A frilly memento A frilly memento 0 You successfully stole a pair of her panties. 30
You sure about that? You sure about that? 0 You might want to double check the evidence... 120
A rose by any other name A rose by any other name 0 You chose not to believe anything. 30
Dusting off the chair Dusting off the chair 0 Order a fancy coffee. 20
Pill seeker Pill seeker 0 Accuse her of drugging you. 30
Coming soon Coming soon 0 You became a fan of Love IRL. 35
The silent type The silent type 0 You choose to remain silent whenever possible. 30
True Detective True Detective 0 You investigated every item in the game. 70
Good night Good night 0 You receive another message from Gary. 120
The romantic type The romantic type 0 You both felt the same way about the book, her writing and Love IRL. 120