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Eastshade Achievements

Find all the Eastshade achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Landed Landed 0 Wash up in Ingov's cave. 35
A Perfect Campsite A Perfect Campsite 0 Build your first tent. 35
Highest Peak Highest Peak 0 Reach the highest peak in Eastshade. 35
Carpenter Carpenter 0 Craft 15 canvases. 35
Fisherfolk Fisherfolk 0 Catch 10 fish. 50
There and Back There and Back 0 Leave Eastshade 75
Detective Detective 0 Correctly identify "The Thief of Sinkwood Inn." 50
Prolific Artist Prolific Artist 0 Complete every commission from Yevheniy's Art Gallery. 75
Family Reunited Family Reunited 0 Reunite the lost children with their father. 50
Go-getter Go-getter 0 Complete every quest. 75
Adventurers Spirit Adventurers Spirit 0 Discover every location. 75
Master Brewer Master Brewer 0 Brew every type of tea. 75
Well-to-do Well-to-do 0 Buy Osha's sealant with glowstones. 75
Clara's Song Clara's Song 0

Candle Thief Candle Thief 0 Collect all the candles. 75

Secret Achievements

Friend of the First Folk Friend of the First Folk 0

Northern Reaches Northern Reaches 0

Keeper of the Forest Keeper of the Forest 0 50