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Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure Achievements

Find all the Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Break The Ice Break The Ice 0 Complete the Ice Cliffs 15
Icy What You Did There Icy What You Did There 0 Complete the Ice Fields 15
The Crystal Maze The Crystal Maze 0 Complete the Ice Caves 15
Welcome To The Jungle Welcome To The Jungle 0 Complete the Hidden World 15
Hope You Thaw Everything! Hope You Thaw Everything! 0 Complete Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure 105
That Wasn't Too Shard That Wasn't Too Shard 0 Collect your first shard 15
That Was A Little Shard That Was A Little Shard 0 Collect 5000 shards 30
In Good Health In Good Health 0 Unlock an additional heart 30
Heart To Heart… Heart To Heart… 0 Unlock all additional hearts 110
A Long Time Ago... A Long Time Ago... 0 Collect a Tablet Piece 15
Not As Good As A Nut Not As Good As A Nut 0 Find a Statue 15
No Stone Unturned No Stone Unturned 0 Find all the Statues 70
Scrattle Royale Scrattle Royale 0 Kill all enemies in a section without dying 70
Scrat Smash Scrat Smash 0 Smash 10 Shard Crates 15
Appetite For Destruction Appetite For Destruction 0 Smash 500 Shard crates 30
Sssssh, Be Really Quiet Sssssh, Be Really Quiet 0 Sneak past a sleeping wolf 30
Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky 0 Get a Guanlong to investigate a sound 30
Spinning Bug Kick Spinning Bug Kick 0 Kick a flying insect 30
Schnacks Schnacks 0 Get eaten by a piranha 15
Scrat-Ter Up Scrat-Ter Up 0 Hit a flying enemy with a rock 15
Electrifying Electrifying 0 Carry Power Cores a total of 100 metres 15
Do You Even Lift? Do You Even Lift? 0 Use telekinesis 10 times 15
Beam Me Up Scratty Beam Me Up Scratty 0 Get rescued by the Scratazons 15
Dearly be-lava-d Dearly be-lava-d 0 Survive getting burned by lava 15
Dodge This Dodge This 0 Complete a level without dying 30
On Thin Ice On Thin Ice 0 Slide on Ice 15
Can You Dig It? Can You Dig It? 0 Complete a dig pile 15
Rapid Fire Rapid Fire 0 Throw and hit 3 enemies within 10 seconds 15

Secret Achievements

Rhi'no Entry Rhi'no Entry 0 Defeat Carl and Frank 15
I Used To Hate The Water I Used To Hate The Water 0 Defeat Creataceous and Maelstrom 15
Knowing Is Half The Battle… Knowing Is Half The Battle… 0 Complete the Orrery Puzzle 15
Pterasaur Loser Pterasaur Loser 0 Defeat the Pteradon 15
Rhino What You Did Last Summer Rhino What You Did Last Summer 0 Complete the Carl and Frank Tablet 30
Any Fin Is Possible Any Fin Is Possible 0 Complete the Cretaceous and Maelstrom Tablet 30
It's Full of Stars It's Full of Stars 0 Complete the Orerry Tablet 30
The P Is Silent The P Is Silent 0 Complete the Pteradon Tablet 30