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AeternoBlade II Achievements

Find all the AeternoBlade II achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Time Guardian Time Guardian 0 Complete all quests 70
Level Up! Level Up! 0 Upgrade a skill for the first time 20
Hmm... interesting Hmm... interesting 0 Set up a relic for the first time 20
Max Level! Max Level! 0 Upgrade all skills to max level 35
Legendary Looter Legendary Looter 0 Acquire all relics 35
That's... curious That's... curious 0 Clear the first trial in Enigmata 20
That's... puzzling That's... puzzling 0 Clear 40 trials in Enigmatas 35
No More Riddles No More Riddles 0 Clear all trials in Enigmatas 70
Clang! Clang! 0 Perform 100 parries 20
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Perform 100 perfect dodgies 20
Entropy Reversal Entropy Reversal 0 Recover 99 HP by using Time Reverse 20
Corruption Corruption 0 Allow 20 monsters to be possessed by Dark Timeflies 20
Ultra combo Ultra combo 0 Perform a 400 combo chain using Time Paradox 20
Surrender while you can Surrender while you can 0 Perform 100 ultimate attacks 35
Time Avenger Time Avenger 0 Defeat 1,000 enemies 35

Secret Achievements

Oh, you again? Oh, you again? 0 Complete quest "The New Beginning" 20
The Dark Hole in the Sky The Dark Hole in the Sky 0 Complete quest "Unknown Enemy" 20
I lost my sister... again I lost my sister... again 0 Complete quest "The Missing Power" 20
Life Saver Life Saver 0 Complete quest "Disappearance of Carol" 20
The Dark Alternate Future The Dark Alternate Future 0 Complete quest "Carrier of Darkness" 20
Crushed Gear Crushed Gear 0 Complete quest "Fragment of Memory" 20
The Dark Self The Dark Self 0 Complete quest "Call of Fates" 20
Good Boy Good Boy 0 Complete quest "Time Guardian" 20
Transformer Transformer 0 Complete quest "Gear of Fate" 20
Time Detective Time Detective 0 Complete quest "Felix’s Motive" 20
Finish him! Finish him! 0 Complete quest "The End of Time" 35
For Chronosia! For Chronosia! 0 Complete the game with the normal ending 35
Happy ending Happy ending 0 Complete the game with normal ending with Lord Demer defeated 70
Chronosia must not fall Chronosia must not fall 0 Complete the game with the ultimate ending 70
Shiny Collection Shiny Collection 0 Collect all of the white crystals 20
Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter 0 Free all Timeflies 35
Hey, that's my name Hey, that's my name 0 Meet imprisoned Bernard 20
Rest in Peace Rest in Peace 0 Deliver bad news to Rosaline 20
The Cosmic Flower The Cosmic Flower 0 Obtain Freewill Sapling 20