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Worbital Achievements

Full list of Worbital achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Worbital has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Death Becomer Death Becomer 0 Destroy a planet. 10
But at What Cost? But at What Cost? 0 Win an interplanetary war. 20
Unlocksmith Unlocksmith 0 Unlock your first new structure or cosmetic. 10
Full Loadout Full Loadout 0 Unlock 66 structures. 90
Full Handbag Full Handbag 0 Unlock 333 pieces of cosmetics. 90
Patience Patience 0 Complete the tutorial. 10
Living in Their Own Worlds Living in Their Own Worlds 0 Complete all Campaign missions. 40
Yay, Grandmaster! Yay, Grandmaster! 0 Gain Faction Level 14 with Terrene. 40
The End Result The End Result 0 Gain Faction Level 14 with Lucid. 40
Outer Space! Outer Space! 0 Gain Faction Level 14 with Celestials. 40
Balance Balance 0 Reach Faction Level 14 with all factions. 100
Tight Space Tight Space 0 Finish a local multiplayer match. 10
That's Impossible! That's Impossible! 0 Beat an Impossible AI in a Duel. 30
Equality Equality 0 Destroy enemies of all different factions. 10
The Shotmaster The Shotmaster 0 Shots fired. Three hundred, to be precise. 10
Shot Blocker Shot Blocker 0 Shoot down or block 100 enemy projectiles. 10
Throw Money at It Throw Money at It 0 Buy open all Structure Tiers. 10
Doom Immunity Doom Immunity 0 Win a match in the presence of a Black Hole. 20
Low-Budget War Low-Budget War 0 Win a match using only Tier I structures. 20
Ostrich Egg Nugget Ostrich Egg Nugget 0 Destroy a Gold Asteroid 10
Virus Virus 0 Colonize a planet. 10
Master of Planets Master of Planets 0 Colonize three planets in a match. 20
No Colony! Denied! No Colony! Denied! 0 Destroy a terraforming planet. 30
Pump-pump Pump-pump 0 Bump your planet into an enemy planet. 10
Victory Balloon Victory Balloon 0 Win a match while your planets are derailed. 20
Desoiled Desoiled 0 Remove all the soil from an enemy planet. 20
The Forcefield is Strong with You The Forcefield is Strong with You 0 Block 10 projectiles with one activation of the Shield Defense. 10
Clump of Spirit Clump of Spirit 0 Hit an enemy with a fully charged Snowball. 20
Superlaser Superlaser 0 Fuse two laser beams into one. 10
Fool's Money Fool's Money 0 Steal 1,000 funds from the same enemy in a match. 20
Wings Wings 0 Destroy an enemy spaceship with your own spaceship. 20
Space Baron Space Baron 0 Launch an Attack Ship and keep it alive for two minutes. 20
The Ice Age! The Ice Age! 0 Disable 4 structures with one shot of the Glacier. 20
Big Vaccinator Big Vaccinator 0 Destroy an enemy planet with The Spike. 20
Orby-War Orby-War 0 Destroy an enemy planet with Defense Orbs. 30
MAD? MAD? 0 Hit a Nuclear Missile with a Nuclear Missile. 20

Secret Achievements

Black Hole Sun Black Hole Sun 0 Sun blew up and turned into a Black Hole, as dictated by science. 10
All Lucky 7s! All Lucky 7s! 0 Have 7,777 funds in stock. 20
Good Ending? Good Ending? 0 Congratulations, you've succesfully prevented a devastating interplanetary war campaign. For now. 10
Set the Colonizers for the Heart of the Sun Set the Colonizers for the Heart of the Sun 0 You launched a Colonizer into the sun. It was too hot. Maybe try again at night? 10
Shotting Yourself Shotting Yourself 0 You hit yourself... 10
Accidents Happen Accidents Happen 0 You destroyed your own planet. Presumably by accident. 20