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Sea Salt Achievements

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There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Worth your Salt Worth your Salt 0 Complete the main story 200
Arena Master Arena Master 0 Beat all Arenas 100
Swarm the World Swarm the World 0 Clear every level 100
Hard Salt Hard Salt 0 Beat the game on HARD mode 50
Arena Novice Arena Novice 0 Beat one Arena 25
The Apostles The Apostles 0 Unlock all the Apostles of Dagon 100
Full Collection Full Collection 0 Collect ALL cards 125

Secret Achievements

666 Kills 666 Kills 0 Kill 666 enemies 25
Kill the devs Kill the devs 0 Kill the Devs 25
Hunter Hunter 0 Become the hunter 25
Strong Allies Strong Allies 0 Side with the Witch 25
The Admiral The Admiral 0 Defeat Admiral Pierce 25
The Wharfmaster The Wharfmaster 0 Defeat Wharfmaster Glenn 25
The Mob The Mob 0 Defeat the People of Karlshaven 25
The Holy Necromancer The Holy Necromancer 0 Defeat the Lone Warden 25
The Thistle Guards The Thistle Guards 0 Defeat the Thistle Guards 25
The Witch The Witch 0 Defeat the Witch 25
The Alchemist The Alchemist 0 Defeat Count Volgrave 25
The Archbishop The Archbishop 0 Defeat the Archbishop 25