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Yaga Achievements

Full list of Yaga achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Wedding The Wedding 0 Reach the end of the game 50
Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible 0 Be really Aggressive 20
Perfectly Balanced Perfectly Balanced 0 Be really Neutral 20
Ivan the Fool Ivan the Fool 0 Be really Foolish 20
Ivan the Greedy Ivan the Greedy 0 Be really Greedy 20
Ivan the Righteous Ivan the Righteous 0 Be really Righteous 20
A Glove on a Stump A Glove on a Stump 0 Throw a few enemies away 20
An Improvised Shield An Improvised Shield 0 Attach a cartwheel to your arm stump 20
Get over here! Get over here! 0 Use the chainfork pull a few enemies closer 20
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Dig up a burried treasure 20
Not Only for Agriculture Not Only for Agriculture 0 Turn a sickle into a weapon 20

Secret Achievements

A gilded gift A gilded gift 0 Give the Gilded Apple to the Tzar 20
A golden gift A golden gift 0 Give the Golden Apple to the Tzar 20
Bad Faith Bad Faith 0 Attack all old altars 20
Help is on the way! Help is on the way! 0 Call in a spared creature to help you 15
Chicken Killer Chicken Killer 0 Kill village chickens 13
Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! 0 Hit the church bell 13
Ivan the Blacksmith Ivan the Blacksmith 0 Remain a blacksmith 40
A Fool's Death A Fool's Death 0 Be foolish 30
Maria's Advisor Maria's Advisor 0 Become a royal advisor 50
Grandma's Wish Grandma's Wish 0 Marry a warrior queen 50
The Blacksmith's New Clothes The Blacksmith's New Clothes 0 Become the Tzar alone 50
Yaga's Facepalm Yaga's Facepalm 0 Witness Yaga's facepalm 40
Heated Heart Heated Heart 0 Try to flirt a few times 20
Undead Freedom Undead Freedom 0 Let Koschei go 20
Undead Prison Undead Prison 0 Lock Koschei up 30
Death to Misfortune Death to Misfortune 0 Kill an old enemy 30
Friend to Misfortune Friend to Misfortune 0 Spare an old enemy 30
Crushed Ice Crushed Ice 0 Destroy Morozko's Heart 20
Sparkling Ice Sparkling Ice 0 Help Morozko find love 20
TL;DW; TL;DW; 0 Skip a carefully crafted cutscene 17
Empty Handed Empty Handed 0 Finish the game without forging any tools 30
Kissed by the Sunstroke Kissed by the Sunstroke 0 Ivan + Poludnica = Love 20
United by Loss United by Loss 0 Crazed man + Poludnica = Love 20
Love in the Farmlands Love in the Farmlands 0 Polevik + Poludnica = Love 20
Rich in Faith Rich in Faith 0 Make the priest rich 7
Trick or Threat! Trick or Threat! 0 Trick the polevik's minions 20
Quiet in the Swamp Quiet in the Swamp 0 Help the vodnik live in peace 20
Peace in the Swamp Peace in the Swamp 0 Make the vodnik rest in peace 20
A muddy drink A muddy drink 0 Give the Muddy Water of Youth to the Tzar 20
A pure drink A pure drink 0 Give the Water of Youth to the Tzar 20
One Handed Blacksmith One Handed Blacksmith 0 Lost an arm! 5