Darksiders: Genesis Achievements

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Darksiders: Genesis has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Are You Not Entertained? Are You Not Entertained? 0 Achieve a score of 70,000 or higher in the arena. 50
Full of Hell Full of Hell 0 Complete all 17 levels on Hard difficulty. 100
The Promised End The Promised End 0 Complete all 17 levels on Apocalyptic difficulty. 150
Master of Strife Master of Strife 0 Learn all 3 of Strife's Wrath abilities. 25
Master of War Master of War 0 Learn all 3 of War's Wrath abilities. 25
A Bullet for All Seasons A Bullet for All Seasons 0 Find all 5 of Strife's elemental ammo types. 25
Walking Armory Walking Armory 0 Find all 5 of War's elemental enhancements. 25
Collector Collector 0 Collect every type of creature core. 75
Mint I Mint I 0 Collect 50 Boatman Coins. 10
Mint II Mint II 0 Collect 200 Boatman Coins. 25
Mint III Mint III 0 Collect all Boatman Coins. 50
Soul Cache Soul Cache 0 Destroy all 4 Soul Caches in The Slag Pit. 10
Hell's Forge Hell's Forge 0 Gather all the ingots in the Inferno Vault and take them to Hell's Forge. 10
Close the Rift Close the Rift 0 Close the rift leaking void creatures in Icebind Cavern. 10
Respect for Animals Respect for Animals 0 Defeat less than 5 hounds before killing the Houndmaster in The Horde. 25
The Dead Court The Dead Court 0 Defeat the Dread Lord's subjects in Decay. 20
Why'd It Have to Be Snakes? Why'd It Have to Be Snakes? 0 Defeat every snake in Decay. 10
Good Deeds Good Deeds 0 Save the uncorrupted angels in Eden Prime. 15
Infested Infested 0 Defeat the grub queen in The Maelstrom. 10
Ready to Blow Ready to Blow 0 Destroy all 12 of Moloch's supply caches in War Machine. 15
Demolition Derby Demolition Derby 0 Destroy 10 structures in War Machine. 15
Garden of Forking Paths Garden of Forking Paths 0 Collect every Boatman Coin in the Boatsman's Labyrinth. 25
Gatekeeper Gatekeeper 0 Unlock every Trickster Door. 50

Secret Achievements

Mammon Mammon 0 Defeat Mammon, Lord of Hell. 25
Belial Belial 0 Defeat Belial, Lord of Hell. 25
Astarte Astarte 0 Defeat Astarte, Fallen Angel. 25
Dagon Dagon 0 Defeat Dagon, Lord of Hell. 25
Moloch Moloch 0 Defeat Moloch, Lord of Hell. 50
Blademaster Blademaster 0 Defeat Moloch without taking damage. 50
Wicked Killington Wicked Killington 0 Face the Trickster himself, Wicked Killington. 25