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Blightbound Achievements

Full list of Blightbound achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Blightbound has 27 achievements worth 1030 gamerscore

Blight Buddies Blight Buddies 0 Complete five dungeons with friends while playing as Malborys. 30
Ultimate Power Ultimate Power 0 Activate your Ultimate skill ten times during a single run while playing as Creen. 30
Wretch's Wrath Wretch's Wrath 0 Kill 500 Wretches while playing as Wretch. 30
A Glint of Light A Glint of Light 0 Collect a total of five Sun shards while playing as Kromn. 30
Ignite the Fires, Forge the Alloy Ignite the Fires, Forge the Alloy 0 Craft a total of 10 weapons in the Blacksmith while Clegg is in the Refuge. 30
Culling the Herd Culling the Herd 0 Defeat five Iron Pursuers while playing as Karrogh. 30
That should be enough... That should be enough... 0 Collect 500 Mana Orbs as a team while playing as Ezzouhn. 30
The Twin Daggers' Hidden Power The Twin Daggers' Hidden Power 0 Craft the legendary dagger Bloodrain as Scarlet, by combining Bloodslick and Rainslick. 30
From Rags to Riches From Rags to Riches 0 Collect a total of 100,000 Aetheri Sparks while playing as Seirinne. 30
What's Yours, is Mine What's Yours, is Mine 0 Restore 500,000 health with lifestealing effects while playing as Triss. 30
Poison Professional Poison Professional 0 Deal damage with damage over time effects a total of 5,000 times while playing as Bu. 30
Someone to Fight for Someone to Fight for 0 Complete Desert Mouse's story, and find out what she is looking for. 30
The Princess's Pilgrimage The Princess's Pilgrimage 0 Complete a dungeon in all the different regions of the Blight while playing as Karue. 30
A Matriarch's Duty A Matriarch's Duty 0 Rescue a total of 20 survivors while playing as Wodania. 30
Followers of Dena and Duron Followers of Dena and Duron 0 Have 4 different mages present in the Refuge. 30
Taking down the Titans Taking down the Titans 0 Defeat the Writhing Oracle, Khuliath, and the Iron Maiden while playing as Rook. 30
De-Blight-ful De-Blight-ful 0 Complete a total of 20 dungeons while playing as Nilbous. 30
A Staff of Pure Blight A Staff of Pure Blight 0 Craft the legendary staff Blightbane as Tek'ka, after collecting all five Blight Crystals. 30
Absolutely Fabulous Absolutely Fabulous 0 Craft or collect three legendary trinkets while playing as Roland. 30
Secrets of the Blight Secrets of the Blight 0 Find and complete 1 Blightrift while playing as Ziram. 30
Disrupt the Disruptors Disrupt the Disruptors 0 Apply crowd control effects a total of 750 times while playing as Kujuk. 30
We are Blightbound We are Blightbound 0 Complete the Tutorial. 20
Conqueror of the Blight Conqueror of the Blight 0 Complete the final dungeon for the first time. 30
Goals and Ambitions Goals and Ambitions 0 Complete the personal goals of five different heroes. 40
A Helping Hand A Helping Hand 0 Complete the personal goals of ten different heroes. 70
Finding Purpose in these Blighted Lands Finding Purpose in these Blighted Lands 0 Complete the personal goals of fifteen different heroes. 110
Fulfillment for All Fulfillment for All 0 Complete the personal goals of twenty different heroes. 130