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Immortal Planet Achievements

Find all the Immortal Planet achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Level Up Level Up 0 Level up at least once 90
Hard Landing Hard Landing 0 Die first time 90
Silent Assassin Silent Assassin 0 Complete first room without taking any damage 90
Alien Commander Alien Commander 0 Defeat Alien Commander for good 90
Forbidden Temple Forbidden Temple 0 Reach the forbidden Temple 90
Prisoner One Prisoner One 0 Defeat Prisoner One for good 90
Alpha Twin Alpha Twin 0 Defeat Alpha Twin 90
Temple Sentinel Temple Sentinel 0 Defeat Temple Sentinel for good 90
Bad Ending Bad Ending 0 Finish the game 90
Ultimate Challenge Ultimate Challenge 0 Complete the ultimate challenge 90
New Game Plus New Game Plus 0 Finish the game in New Game Plus 100