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Maneater Achievements

Find all the Maneater achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Survivor Survivor 0 Survived Birth 20
Learned To Swim Learned To Swim 0 Completed the tutorial 20
Growing Up Growing Up 0 Reached Teen Growth 20
On Your Own On Your Own 0 Reached Adult Growth 30
Wiser Wiser 0 Reached Elder Growth 50
Ocean Terror Ocean Terror 0 Reached Mega Growth 100
Adaptation Adaptation 0 Evolved for the first time 20
New Breed New Breed 0 Acquired 50% of available evolutions 50
Science Experiment Science Experiment 0 Acquired 100% of available evolutions 50
Dominating the Bayou Dominating the Bayou 0 Completed all objectives in Fawtick Bayou 10
Queen of the Wasteland Queen of the Wasteland 0 Completed all objectives in Dead Horse Lake 10
Tourist Terror Tourist Terror 0 Completed all objectives in Golden Shores 10
Dropping Property Values Dropping Property Values 0 Completed all objectives in Sapphire Bay 10
Vacation From Hell Vacation From Hell 0 Completed all objectives in Prosperity Sands 10
Entertained to Death Entertained to Death 0 Completed all objectives in Caviar Key 10
Ruler of the Deep Ruler of the Deep 0 Completed all objectives in The Gulf 10
Queen of the Ocean Queen of the Ocean 0 Reached 100% objective completion in all regions 50
Gator Meat Gator Meat 0 Defeated the Apex Alligator 10
Delicious Delicious 0 Defeated the Apex Barracuda 10
Shark on Shark Violence Shark on Shark Violence 0 Defeated the Apex Mako shark 10
Pound It Pound It 0 Defeated the Apex Hammer Head 10
This Is My Movie This Is My Movie 0 Defeated the Apex Great White Shark 10
Tricks Didn't Help Ya Tricks Didn't Help Ya 0 Defeated the Apex Killer Whale 10
I Thought You Were Tough I Thought You Were Tough 0 Defeated the Apex Sperm Whale 10
The New Apex Predator The New Apex Predator 0 Destroyed all Apex Predators 50
Survive Again Survive Again 0 Defeated Scaly Pete's second encounter 30
Vengeance Is Mine Vengeance Is Mine 0 Destroyed Scaly Pete once and for all 100
Deep Sea Explorer Deep Sea Explorer 0 Found all nutrient caches 50
Infamy Level 1 Infamy Level 1 0 Reached Infamy Level 1 20
Infamy Level 10 Infamy Level 10 0 Reached Infamy Level 10 100
Tourist Tourist 0 Found all landmarks 50
Garbage Collector Garbage Collector 0 Found all license plates 50