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The Survivalists Achievements

Full list of The Survivalists achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Survivalists has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

I'm an Explorer Now! I'm an Explorer Now! 0 Discover another Island. 15
Didn't Starve Didn't Starve 0 Survive for 127 hours. 15
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Spend 100 doubloons. 15
Hands On Hands On 0 Unlock all hand crafting recipes. 15
Getting Crafty Getting Crafty 0 Unlock all craft bench recipes. 15
Camping Out Camping Out 0 Unlock all campfire recipes. 15
Forging Ahead Forging Ahead 0 Unlock all Furnace Recipes. 30
Overcooked! Overcooked! 0 Unlock all cooking pot recipes. 30
Structural Integrity Structural Integrity 0 Unlock All blueprint recipes. 30
Sail Away Sail Away 0 Use a raft for the first time. 15
Hunter Hunter 0 Defeat 20 enemies. 15
Master Huntsman Master Huntsman 0 Defeat 60 enemies. 15
This is Sparta! This is Sparta! 0 Defeat 300 enemies. 30
Lore-man Lore-man 0 Collect 15 pieces of lore. 30
I am the Lore! I am the Lore! 0 Collect 30 pieces of lore. 90
Dear Diary Dear Diary 0 Collect your first piece of lore. 15
Monkey See, Monkey Do! Monkey See, Monkey Do! 0 Teach a monkey to do something. 15
The Real Escapist The Real Escapist 0 Escape in the galleon. 90
Re-QUEST Granted! Re-QUEST Granted! 0 Complete a treasure map. 15
At your beQUEST! At your beQUEST! 0 Complete 30 treasure maps. 30
How did that work? How did that work? 0 Emote while standing on an emote switch. 15
Totem'ly Awesome Totem'ly Awesome 0 Fulfil a totem's request. 15
Got any Chips? Got any Chips? 0 Spear a fish. 15
We didn't need a bigger boat. We didn't need a bigger boat. 0 Defeat a shark. 10
Monkey Business Monkey Business 0 Build 5 blueprints using monkeys. 15
Monkeying Around Monkeying Around 0 Gather 5 Items with a monkey. 15
Monkey Maker Monkey Maker 0 Have a monkey craft 5 items. 15
This can only end well This can only end well 0 Train a Monkey in combat! 15
Paradise Found Paradise Found 0 Sleep in a bed. 15
Opulent Curio Opulent Curio 0 Craft a golden statue. 15
Gone Wild Gone Wild 0 Leave the safety of the starting alcove. 15
Harvester Harvester 0 Harvest 500 resources. 15
Totally Buff Totally Buff 0 Have health, stamina and biome resistance buffs active at once. 15
Just Visiting! Just Visiting! 0 Visit another player's island. 15
Home and Away Home and Away 0 Build a blueprint on another player's Island. 15
Better Together Better Together 0 Complete a quest on another player's island. 15
She Chose Down She Chose Down 0 Complete a labyrinth on another player's island. 15

Secret Achievements

It's Elementary! It's Elementary! 0 Collect all elemental weapons. 90
Wheely Lucky! Wheely Lucky! 0 Found the galleon's wheel. 30
Heading Home! Heading Home! 0 Found the figurehead. 30
At last! At last! 0 Found the storm map. 30
On Point! On Point! 0 Found the compass. 30