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Spacebase Startopia Achievements

Full list of Spacebase Startopia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Spacebase Startopia has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Victory over the Garbage Victory over the Garbage 0 Completed the mission "Garbage Empire". 20
Giddy in the Garbage Giddy in the Garbage 0 Earned 222 positive ratings in the "Garbage Empire" mission. 30
Beat the limited Fuzzy Beat the limited Fuzzy 0 Completed the "Garbage Empire" mission in under 15 minutes. 50
Escape from Alcatraz Escape from Alcatraz 0 Completed the mission "The Prison Planet". 20
Top Cop Top Cop 0 Arrested 10 criminals within 15 minutes in the mission "The Prison Planet". 30
Muzzle the Mafia Muzzle the Mafia 0 Mission "The Prison Planet" completed without any Criminals leaving the Station. 50
Party Fever Party Fever 0 Completed the mission "Nightlife". 20
Nightclub Owner Nightclub Owner 0 Earned 25000 Energy in the mission "Nightlife". 30
180 bpm 180 bpm 0 Completed the mission “Nightlife” in less than 25 minutes. 50
Disease Control Disease Control 0 Completed the mission "Viral Vegetation". 20
Pharmacist Pharmacist 0 Produced 10 C.R.A.T.E.s of medicine in the "Viral Vegetation" mission. 30
The Protecting Hand The Protecting Hand 0 Completed "Viral Vegetation" without an Alien’s health falling below 15%. 50
Successful Contact Successful Contact 0 Completed the mission "The First Contact". 20
Radical Researcher Radical Researcher 0 Expanded 10 different Research projects in the mission "The First Contact". 30
No Casualties No Casualties 0 Completed the mission "The First Contact" without losing a single Mech Unit. 50
Market Economy Market Economy 0 Completed the mission "Market Economy". 20
Moral Compass Moral Compass 0 Completed the "Market Economy" mission without selling Toxic Waste to Traders. 30
Mass Production Mass Production 0 Sold 30 Goods to a single Trader in the mission "Market Economy". 50
Transcendentality Transcendentality 0 Completed the mission "A Spiritual Journey". 20
Temple Temple 0 Built 2 Temples on the Bio Deck in the mission "A Spiritual Journey". 30
Inner Peace Inner Peace 0 Completed "A Spiritual Journey” without more than 10 Aliens leaving the Station angry. 50
90,000 Volts 90,000 Volts 0 Completed the mission "The Thunderdome". 20
Robo Factory Robo Factory 0 Built 3 Mechs in the mission "The Thunderdome". 30
A Heart for Robots A Heart for Robots 0 Completed the mission “The Thunderdome” without having lost a single Mech. 50
Not Exactly Weak Not Exactly Weak 0 Completed the mission "Might Makes Right". 20
Good Mood Good Mood 0 Kept Satisfaction above 85% for 10 minutes in the mission "Might Makes Right". 30
Faster Than Lightning Faster Than Lightning 0 Took out an enemy within the first 30 minutes in the mission "Might Makes Right". 50
System Crash System Crash 0 Completed the mission "System Crash". 20
My Precious! My Precious! 0 Completed the "System Crash" mission without the Energy Core falling below 50%. 30
Robo Terminator Robo Terminator 0 Destroyed all of the Robot Factories in the "System Crash" mission within 60 minutes. 50