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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Achievements

Full list of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

River Hobbit River Hobbit 0 Dived a total distance of 2000 metres. 30
Memories Memories 0 You looked at all interactibles in Gollum's cave. 15
Welcome to Mordor! Welcome to Mordor! 0 You've died for the first time in Barad-dûr. 15
And now we wish... And now we wish... 0 …to catch a fish, so juicy-sweet. 30
We wants it! We needs it! We wants it! We needs it! 0 All Gollum choices. 90
Good Sméagol! Good Sméagol! 0 All Sméagol choices. 90
The Wraith The Wraith 0 You finished Chapter 1. 10
The Maggot The Maggot 0 You finished Chapter 2. 10
The Breeder The Breeder 0 You finished Chapter 3. 10
The Veteran The Veteran 0 You finished Chapter 4. 10
The Traitor The Traitor 0 You finished Chapter 5. 10
The Spider The Spider 0 You finished Chapter 6. 10
Good as Fish Good as Fish 0 You finished Chapter 7. 10
Her Eyes Her Eyes 0 You finished Chapter 8. 10
Gollum/Sméagol Gollum/Sméagol 0 You finished Chapter 9. 10
The Friend The Friend 0 You finished Chapter 10. 10
He's so Annoying He's so Annoying 0 You got the Grashneg trampled, drowned, and eaten. 30
Collectibles Part 1 Collectibles Part 1 0 One Collectible down. 15
Collectibles Part 2 Collectibles Part 2 0 You found 20 Collectibles. 30
Rule them all! Rule them all! 0 Well done. You found all those useless things. 90
Trigger-Happy Trigger-Happy 0 You threw 50 stones. 15
Nervous Hands Nervous Hands 0 You completed the "Halls of Grond" without taking damage. 30
So Tasty! So Tasty! 0 You found all food items at the bell tower. 15
Sweet Darkness Sweet Darkness 0 Turn off 10 lanterns. 30
Murderer Murderer 0 You killed 10 Orcs. 15
Scout Scout 0 You discovered all vantage points. 90
Like Flying... Like Flying... 0 You fell for a distance of 40 meters and survived. 15
How Did You Do That? How Did You Do That? 0 You completed the game without dying. 90
Master of the Old Game Master of the Old Game 0 You played the entire riddle game with Mell. 15
So Silly! So Silly! 0 You turned Riddlemaster's painting seven times. 15
Break a Leg! Break a Leg! 0 You jumped from the bell towers at the waterfalls three times. 15

Secret Achievements

Ss ss ss... Ss ss ss... 0 You stole food from Mell's table. 15
Made a Song Made a Song 0 You rang all the bells at the bell tower. 30
Wait! Wait! Not yet! Wait! Wait! Not yet! 0 You fell into lava. 15
Elf-Friend Elf-Friend 0 You saved the Cook, the Elf guards, and the Riddlemaster. 30
We Hates Them! We Hates Them! 0 The Cook, the Elf guards, and the Riddlemaster all died. 30