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OVERPASS Achievements

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OVERPASS has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Finalist Finalist 0 Qualified for the World Finals 20
World Champion World Champion 0 Won the World Finals 90
Sweet victory Sweet victory 0 Won your first Challenge 10
On a roll On a roll 0 Won 3 Challenges in a row 30
Famous Famous 0 Earned your first reputation title 10
Legend Legend 0 Earned the highest reputation title 30
Master of all Master of all 0 Unlocked everything 30
Own it all Own it all 0 Owns everything 90
Duelist Duelist 0 Won a duel 15
Fix up Fix up 0 Repaired your vehicles for a total cost of $20000 15
Fix it yourself Fix it yourself 0 Spent time repairing a vehicle yourself 10
Overcome the obstacles Overcome the obstacles 0 Won your first obstacle course 10
All the way All the way 0 Reached the finish of a hillclimb 10
Around the world Around the world 0 Played a race in each venue 15
First Gold First Gold 0 Won your first Gold medal on a track 15
Gold on Northern Forest Gold on Northern Forest 0 Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Northern Forest 30
Gold on Open Arena Gold on Open Arena 0 Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Open Arena 30
Gold on Adriatic Coast Gold on Adriatic Coast 0 Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Adriatic Coast 30
Gold on Old Canyon Gold on Old Canyon 0 Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Old Canyon 30
Gold on Jungle Ridge Gold on Jungle Ridge 0 Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Jungle Ridge 30
Gold on The Pit Gold on The Pit 0 Won a Gold medal on all tracks in The Pit 30
Time crusher Time crusher 0 Won a Gold medal on all tracks 90
First split First split 0 Finished a split screen race 10
First seat switch First seat switch 0 Finished a hot seat race 10
Reach out Reach out 0 Finished an online race 10
Driving choice Driving choice 0 Bought your first vehicle 10
Full stock Full stock 0 Unlocked all vehicles 15
Full garage Full garage 0 Owns all vehicles 30
Livery change Livery change 0 Changed the livery on a vehicle 10
All liveries All liveries 0 Owns all liveries 30
First upgrade First upgrade 0 Installed a vehicle upgrade 10
Tinker master Tinker master 0 Installed all upgrades for a vehicle 30
All equipped All equipped 0 Installed all upgrades for all vehicles 90
Untouched Untouched 0 Finished a race and sustained less than 10% damage. 15
Flawless Flawless 0 Finished an obstacle course without any penalties 15
Unlocked gear Unlocked gear 0 Unlocked all rider gear 15
Full wardrobe Full wardrobe 0 Owns all rider gear 30