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The Falconeer Achievements

Full list of The Falconeer achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Falconeer has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Weird science Weird science 0 Filled all mutagen slots for your Falcon 20
For the Imperium! For the Imperium! 0 Converted a fortified position for the Imperium 15
Follow the Path! Follow the Path! 0 Converted a fortified position for the Mancer Order 15
The Free life The Free life 0 Converted a fortified position for the Pirates 30
Wind in the hair and song in your heart Wind in the hair and song in your heart 0 Bought all chants from the seachantresses 90
One bird race One bird race 0 Clocked fastest time on a racecourse 15
Racing Champ! Racing Champ! 0 Clocked the fastest time on all 5 racecourses 30
Falcon Collector Falcon Collector 0 Purchased all 5 falcon types from races 90
A friend to all A friend to all 0 Unlocked all permits in every campaign 90
Casual archaeologist Casual archaeologist 0 Discovered a shrine or a temple 15
World historian World historian 0 Discovered all the shrines and temples 30
What're ya buyin? What're ya buyin? 0 Found both biochemists and the weapons trader 30
Many tales to tell Many tales to tell 0 Found all 3 seachantresses 30
Preparing for a fight Preparing for a fight 0 Bought a new type of weapon 30
Impenetrable Walls Impenetrable Walls 0 Found all the fortified locations 15
Mortar and Concrete Mortar and Concrete 0 Found all Imperial locations 15
Sea Folk Sea Folk 0 Found all Civilian Free House locations 15
Locked away Locked away 0 Found all Mancer locations 15
Ace in a Day Ace in a Day 0 Took down 5 air targets in one mission 15
Ace of Aces Ace of Aces 0 Took down 10 air targets in one mission 30
Steel Surgeon Steel Surgeon 0 Destroyed 15 turrets in one mission 30
Emissary from the Deep Emissary from the Deep 0 Sunk 3 ships in one mission 30

Secret Achievements

It's my first day It's my first day 0 Completed the Prologue 15
Possibly the worst pirate I've ever seen Possibly the worst pirate I've ever seen 0 Completed the Dunkle chapter 25
Bomb's Away! Bomb's Away! 0 Completed the Cleftspire chapter 30
Enemies at the gate Enemies at the gate 0 Completed the Shard chapter 30
Where all paths lead Where all paths lead 0 Completed the Oberon's Reach chapter 90
Precious Cargo Precious Cargo 0 Completed the Epilogue 100
In another life... In another life... 0 Retured to the scene of the Nodbomb blast 15