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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Achievements

Full list of Pathfinder: Kingmaker achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Admirer Of Finer Things Admirer Of Finer Things 0 Gather masterpiece works from all ten royal artisans. 90
Against All Odds Against All Odds 0 Travel to the mysterious realm of the fey and face your destiny. 10
Assassinating the assassins Assassinating the assassins 0 You survived the night attack on Jamandi Aldori mansion. Nice start of the adventure! 10
Bird of Prey Bird of Prey 0 Win the main prize of the royal hunt fair and square, killing two magical beasts. 15
Comrades-in-Arms Comrades-in-Arms 0 Succeed in all available companion quests and win the loyalty of your comrades. 15
Conqueror Conqueror 0 Claim all available regions. 15
Enemy Within Enemy Within 0 Solve the mystery and save your barony from otherworldly threat. 10
Fire. Or Acid Fire. Or Acid 0 Stop the troll invasion. 10
Foes No More Foes No More 0 Turn three villains into your friends or servants. 30
Followers Followers 0 Recruit all available companions. 10
Forged in blood Forged in blood 0 Win the game, playing on Unfair difficulty. 90
Foundation Foundation 0 You founded a barony in a wild, dangerous land. Good luck with that! 10
Goblin Tears Goblin Tears 0 Make the goblin merchant cry real tears. 15
God of Poetry God of Poetry 0 Help the goblins in composing their war song! 15
Hail to the King! Hail to the King! 0 You are now the one and only ruler of your very own kingdom! 10
In My Heart In My Heart 0 Find your love. 10
Intensive Development Intensive Development 0 Explore the Stolen Lands and find all resource locations. 30
Know Their Weaknesses Know Their Weaknesses 0 Kill Kargadd with sunlight. 10
Neighborly Affairs Neighborly Affairs 0 Deal with your fellow neighbor king and his appetites toward your land. 10
Now you fall! Now you fall! 0 Knock off any creature that is 3 size categories larger than you. 15
Prosperous Conqueror Prosperous Conqueror 0 Claim all available regions and develop them to their maximum potential. 15
Prosperous Kingdom Prosperous Kingdom 0 Raise all kingdom stats to the 10th rank. 30
See You Yesterday! See You Yesterday! 0 Meet legendary Eldest of Time three times. Or, rather, in three different times. 15
Sinmarket Best Customer Sinmarket Best Customer 0 Make the fey merchant adore you. 15
Slayer of Bears Slayer of Bears 0 Kill the bear in Temple of the Elk solo, with lvl 2 character on Hard mode or above. 15
So Shall You Reap So Shall You Reap 0 You've unlocked the special secret ending of the game! 90
Tale Of The Days Long Gone Tale Of The Days Long Gone 0 Collect all pieces of an ancient artifact and let the Storyteller reforge it for you. 15
The Story's End The Story's End 0 Win the game! 30
Those Precious Tales Those Precious Tales 0 Gather all Storyteller's artifacts. 30
Tricks of Time Tricks of Time 0 You've helped one certain Eldest to play a joke! They are grateful. 30
Useful Instruments Useful Instruments 0 Unlock all five additional kingdom stats and assign leaders to respective positions. 15
V for... V for... 0 Silence the voice of the lost empire. 10
Yet Another Ancient Evil Yet Another Ancient Evil 0 Find and defeat the secret threat, locked in a magical prison in The Stolen Lands. 30
Patricide Patricide 0 Slay the Forefather. 15
The Tiefling Trio The Tiefling Trio 0 Kill the Soul Eater, saving all three Sweet Teeth. 15
That's Your Lot That's Your Lot 0 Complete the "Varnhold's Lot" campaign. 15
Who's There? Who's There? 0 You knew it was coming, didn't you? 15
The Road Goes Ever On The Road Goes Ever On 0 Unite Maegar Varn with his beloved. 30
Apocalypse Can Wait Apocalypse Can Wait 0 In rogue-like mode, find out the truth and eliminate the threat Beneath the Stolen Lands. 90
Into the Darkness Into the Darkness 0 Reach the 30th dungeon level Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode. 10
The Price You Pay The Price You Pay 0 In main campaign, find out the truth and eliminate the threat Beneath the Stolen Lands. 30
Lost And Found Lost And Found 0 Visit Lostlarn Keep while playing the main story campaign. 10