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Coffee Talk Achievements

Find all the Coffee Talk achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Coffee and Chill Coffee and Chill 0 Get All achievements 100
Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur 0 Get All gallery 60
Barista Guru Barista Guru 0 Serve 50 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode 60
Social media fever Social media fever 0 Unlock all of the characters social media profile 60
Master Brewer Master Brewer 0 Unlock all special drinks 60
Barista Expert Barista Expert 0 Serve 25 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode 45
Barista Trainee Barista Trainee 0 Serve 10 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode 45
Art takes time Art takes time 0 Spent a total of 1 hour making Latte Art 45
Is that it? Is that it? 0 Play the story mode to conclusion once 45
Aremy Jendrew Aremy Jendrew 0 Listen to all the songs 20
Stop it! Stop it! 0 Trash a total of 25 drinks 20
We are all friends We are all friends 0 Meet every characters in the game 20
Is this it? Is this it? 0 Serve the wrong drink for the first time 20
Achievement Unlocked! Achievement Unlocked! 0 Reach a certain point in the story 20
It's a masterpiece! It's a masterpiece! 0 Create and serve your first latte art 20
First Brew First Brew 0 Brew your first drink 20
Let me start over Let me start over 0 Trash your drink for the first time 20
Welcome to Coffee Talk Welcome to Coffee Talk 0 Start a new game 20

Secret Achievements

God of Caffeine God of Caffeine 0 Find the secret behind the barista 60
Gala had a fit! Gala had a fit! 0 Serve Gala Had when Gala turns into a werewolf 60
Father and Daughter Father and Daughter 0 Finish Rachel and Hendry's arc 45
Love of my life Love of my life 0 Finish Lua and Baileys' arc 45
There's a spark There's a spark 0 Finish Gala and Hyde's arc 45
Interstellar support Interstellar support 0 Help Neil to help you 45