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The Office Quest Achievements

Full list of The Office Quest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Office Quest has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Adventure seeker Adventure seeker 0 Adventure seeker 70
Piniyata Crusher Piniyata Crusher 0 Angela from accounting will be disappointed 70
The Boss’s Boss The Boss’s Boss 0 Sneak past the boss 70
Code Cracker Code Cracker 0 You unlocked the safe 70
Barista Barista 0 You have mastered two coffee recipes 70
Party Planner Party Planner 0 Escape the conference room 70
Tissue Paper Grabber Tissue Paper Grabber 0 That was a-mazing! 70
Sharp mind Sharp mind 0 You solved all the riddles 70
Explorer Explorer 0 Find your way out of the building 70
Twinkles Spreader Twinkles Spreader 0 Beat the lights game 70
Treasure Tracker Treasure Tracker 0 Collect 3 Coins 50
Strategy Wizard Strategy Wizard 0 Win 3 in-a-row game 50
Simon Master Simon Master 0 Beat Simon Says game 50
Selfie Sneaker Selfie Sneaker 0 Sneak a Selfie 50
Traffic Light Fixer Traffic Light Fixer 0 Fix the traffic light 50
Cash Catcher Cash Catcher 0 Crack the ATM 10
The Boss’s Favorite The Boss’s Favorite 0 Humor the Boss 40