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Monster Viator Achievements

Full list of Monster Viator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Monster Viator has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

New Friends I New Friends I 0 Gained 5 types of monsters. 10
New Friends II New Friends II 0 Gained 10 types of monsters. 20
New Friends III New Friends III 0 Gained 15 types of monsters. 40
Anyone Is a Friend! Anyone Is a Friend! 0 Gained all monsters. 70
Strengthened My Equipment I Strengthened My Equipment I 0 Strengthened 1 type of equipment up to +5. 10
Strengthened My Equipment II Strengthened My Equipment II 0 Strengthened 10 types of equipment up to +5. 30
Strengthened So Many Equipment! Strengthened So Many Equipment! 0 Strengthened 40 types of equipment up to +5. 70
Learned New Strategy I Learned New Strategy I 0 Gained 5 Carmina. 10
Learned New Strategy II Learned New Strategy II 0 Gained 20 Carmina. 30
So Many Strategies! So Many Strategies! 0 Gained 40 Carmina. 50
Defeated So Many Enemies I Defeated So Many Enemies I 0 Defeated 100 enemies. 10
Defeated So Many Enemies II Defeated So Many Enemies II 0 Defeated 300 enemies. 30
I'm Full! I'm Full! 0 Defeated 1,000 enemies. 70
Have to Get Stronger I Have to Get Stronger I 0 Dealt more than 1,000 damage in one blow. 10
Have to Get Stronger II Have to Get Stronger II 0 Dealt more than 10,000 damage in one blow. 30
Have to Get Stronger III Have to Get Stronger III 0 Dealt more than 50,000 damage in one blow. 50
I'm the Strongest! I'm the Strongest! 0 Dealt more than 100,000 damage in one blow. 80
Defeated That Boss I Defeated That Boss I 0 Cleared 5 subduing quests. 10
Defeated That Boss II Defeated That Boss II 0 Cleared 10 subduing quests. 30
Defeated So Many Bosses! Defeated So Many Bosses! 0 Cleared 15 subduing quests. 70
I'm Near Legend! I'm Near Legend! 0 Cleared the Tower of Rao. 100

Secret Achievements

Progressed the Story I Progressed the Story I 0 Completed 5 story quests. 10
Progressed the Story II Progressed the Story II 0 Completed 10 story quests. 20
Progressed the Story III Progressed the Story III 0 Completed 15 story quests. 30
Progressed the Story IV Progressed the Story IV 0 Completed 20 story quests. 40
Read All the Story! Read All the Story! 0 Completed all story quests. 70