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Disney Infinity 3.0 Achievements

Find all the Disney Infinity 3.0 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1180 points.

The Buddy System The Buddy System 0 Earn 5 Sidekicks 30
Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy 0 Feed a Sidekick 50 times 30
Fruitful Harvest Fruitful Harvest 0 Harvest 100 plants 50
Turquoise Feats Turquoise Feats 0 Complete 5 Feats 30
Silver Feats Silver Feats 0 Complete 25 Feats 50
Golden Feats Golden Feats 0 Complete 50 Feats 50
Diamond Feats Diamond Feats 0 Complete 75 Feats 50
Press Save to Continue Press Save to Continue 0 Save a Toy Box 30
Born Adventurer Born Adventurer 0 Play all Toy Box Adventures 100
Outside Concessions Outside Concessions 0 Play a downloaded UGC in the theater (Xbox Live, Single Player Only) 50
Tutorial Totality Tutorial Totality 0 Complete all Toy Box and INterior tutorials 30
INterior Mansion INterior Mansion 0 Build a 20-room INterior 30
Attained Terrain Attained Terrain 0 Reveal all the terrain in the Toy Box Hub 50
A Roomy Affair A Roomy Affair 0 Throw a party for your friends in one of the designated Sidekick Rooms 30
Arcade Ace Arcade Ace 0 Participate in 10 Arcade Matches (Xbox Live, Single Player Only) 100
Blow to Your Character Blow to Your Character 0 Defeat another player's Character (Xbox Live, Single Player Only) 30
Friendly Competition Friendly Competition 0 Participate in an Arcade Match (Xbox Live, Single Player Only) 100
Double Trouble Double Trouble 0 Play a Toy Box with 2 players (Xbox Live, Single Player Only) 30
Toy Store Buyout Toy Store Buyout 0 Purchase 100 toys from the Toy Store 100
On the Nice List On the Nice List 0 Earn 10 Toy Presents in the Toy Box Hub 30
Veteran Hero Veteran Hero 0 Earn 10,000 Experience Points in Marvel Battlegrounds 30
Take My Wings Take My Wings 0 Knock 5 enemies out of the sky with thrown objects in Marvel Battlegrounds 15
Fighting Friends Fighting Friends 0 Play any four-player Versus match in Marvel Battlegrounds 15
Special Delivery Special Delivery 0 Use 3 Special Moves in One Match in Marvel Battlegrounds 15
Great Collection Great Collection 0 Complete all Challenges in Marvel Battlegrounds 15
Morro Bay Superstar Morro Bay Superstar 0 Rescue every lost fish from the MLI 30
Shell Collector Shell Collector 0 Have 250 shells in your collection at one time 15
Turn Out the Lights Turn Out the Lights 0 Defeat the Anglerfish Toy 15
Morro Bay Builder Morro Bay Builder 0 Place 5 buildings in Morro Bay 15
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 0 Complete all Morro Bay challenges with at least a bronze rating 15