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Mutant Year Zero - Seed of Evil Achievements

Find all the Mutant Year Zero - Seed of Evil achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 18 achievements with a total of 470 points.

Skogsarbetare Skogsarbetare 0 Defeat the demon-tree Jyko. 65
Pub Crawl Pub Crawl 0 Complete all of Pripp's side-missions. 15
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Collect every artifact in the Zone. 25
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter 0 Collect every type of hat in the Zone. 15
Northern Exposure Northern Exposure 0 Stand under a Bus Stop with Big Khan in your party for 110 seconds. 10
Skinflint Skinflint 0 Collect 600 scrap. 15
Weed Killer Weed Killer 0 Put Goran out of his misery. 25
Quicker than he looks! Quicker than he looks! 0 Catch up to the Elder. 10
Chronicler Chronicler 0 Collect all notes in the Zone. 25
King of the Forest King of the Forest 0 Convince Big Khan to join your crew. 15
Home Run Home Run 0 Hit 3 enemies at once with Big Khan's Ground Pound. 15
Repurposer Repurposer 0 Turn 3 enemies at once into cover. 15
Vampyr Vampyr 0 Kill 3 enemies in a row whilst invisible. 25
Bush Whacker Bush Whacker 0 Collect all of the Elder's specialist publications. 10
Anti Vaxxer Anti Vaxxer 0 Complete the SEED OF EVIL without using medkits. 50
Tough Nut Tough Nut 0 Complete the SEED OF EVIL in IRON MUTANT mode. 100
Ripley Would be Proud Ripley Would be Proud 0 Destroy 5 Pod Spawners before they release new enemies. 25
Remember. The safe word is "Eden" Remember. The safe word is "Eden" 0 Find the secret room were the Ancients used to meet. 10

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