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STAB STAB STAB! Achievements

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There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Winner Winner 0 Win a versus match 15
Champion Champion 0 Win 10 versus matches 25
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Win 100 versus matches 95
Met Your Match Met Your Match 0 Finish 20 versus matches in a draw 25
Least Concern Least Concern 0 Watch 10 fleshbirds pop 15
Near Threatened Near Threatened 0 Watch 100 fleshbirds pop 15
Vulnerable Vulnerable 0 Watch 200 fleshbirds pop 15
Endangered Endangered 0 Watch 500 fleshbirds pop 25
Critically Endangered Critically Endangered 0 Watch 1000 fleshbirds pop 95
Survivor Survivor 0 Clear 10 waves of cronenbirds in survival mode 15
Hunter Hunter 0 Clear 20 waves of cronenbirds in survival mode 25
Exterminator Exterminator 0 Clear 50 waves of cronenbirds in survival mode 95
Tenderised Tenderised 0 Die to a swinging hammer 15
Fresh Mince Fresh Mince 0 Fall into a meat grinder 15
Rolling pin Rolling pin 0 Get popped by a rolling spike ball 15
Beam Me Up! Beam Me Up! 0 Jump through a teleporter 15
Tetanus Tetanus 0 Die to the needles in the hypodermic stage 15
How Did You Get Up There? How Did You Get Up There? 0 Die to ceiling Spikes 25
Shoulda Looked Up Shoulda Looked Up 0 Get squashed by a holo-cube 15
Cooperation makes it happen Cooperation makes it happen 0 Defeat a cronenbird in VS mode 25
Mutated Mutated 0 Pick up any powerup 15
Attack helicopter Attack helicopter 0 Pick up the wings and beak gun powerup at the same time 95
Centipede Centipede 0 Pick up multiple legs powerups at once 95
Danger ball Danger ball 0 Get a kill while you have no legs 95
What doesn't kill you What doesn't kill you 0 Block a spike with a tumor 100