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Cloudpunk Achievements

Full list of Cloudpunk achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cloudpunk has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A Song about Home A Song about Home 0 Complete the game 90
Memory Collector Memory Collector 0 Find 20 Punch Cards 30
Second Chances Second Chances 0 Restore Evelin's memories 70
No Pressure No Pressure 0 Successfully complete all time sensitive deliveries 90
Old Friends Old Friends 0 Activate Camus in your vehicle 15
First Delivery First Delivery 0 Complete your first delivery job 15
William's Fate William's Fate 0 Decide what happens to William 30
Trading up Trading up 0 Get a new HOVA model 30
Null Gate Null Gate 0 Pass a Null Gate 15
Prank Prank 0 Go through with the prank 30
Charity lightens the soul Charity lightens the soul 0 Deliver emergency rations 15
Wanted for crimes against businessocracy Wanted for crimes against businessocracy 0 Flee from CorpSec 15
HOVA Enthusiast HOVA Enthusiast 0 Install all available vehicle upgrades 90
Almost like Home Almost like Home 0 Purchase all available apartment upgrades 90
Tastier than maggot pizza Tastier than maggot pizza 0 Get something to eat 15
Postbox of love Postbox of love 0 Bring Douglas the Dating Agency flyer 15
Save the life of the life saver Save the life of the life saver 0 Save the life of a Doctor 15
Don't drink from the faucet Don't drink from the faucet 0 Buy water for Pashta 15
Decision above the Clouds Decision above the Clouds 0 Make a choice 30
Dolly Dolly 0 Decide Dolly's fate 30
Outrun Outrun 0 Escape the Undernet Pulse 15
Nivalis Tourist Nivalis Tourist 0 Discover all unlockable locations 90
Handy! Handy! 0 Return Artyom's ring 15
Summer 76 Summer 76 0 Return the memory card to Janet Mortaim 15
Speed Racers Speed Racers 0 Give Mala the trading card 15
Load "" Enter Load "" Enter 0 Sell ancient computer games to Danya 30
In a min, Theremin In a min, Theremin 0 Sell old instruments to Sabra 30
Tempus fugit Tempus fugit 0 Learn about Teko's past 15
I quit I quit 0 Meet the Engineer a third time 15
Irony or something Irony or something 0 Give Haldo a candy bar 15