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Dog Duty Achievements

Full list of Dog Duty achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dog Duty has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

It's a Tick! It's a Tick! 0 Destroyed the Octo-Tank. 80
It's a Roach! It's a Roach! 0 Destroyed the Octo-Jumper. 80
It's Just a Plane It's Just a Plane 0 Destroyed the Octo-Plane. 80
Freedom Fighters Freedom Fighters 0 Defeated the Octopus Commander. 100
Octopia Duty Octopia Duty 0 Conquered all enemy bases. 60
My Sights Are Steady My Sights Are Steady 0 Rescued Rebecca. 30
Doing the Covergirl Thing Doing the Covergirl Thing 0 Rescued Paula. 30
I'm Coming Home, Suzie I'm Coming Home, Suzie 0 Rescued Madness. 30
Chink in the Armor Chink in the Armor 0 Conquered all armor depots. 60
Radio Silence Radio Silence 0 Destroyed all enemy communications devices. 60
Plunder Economy Plunder Economy 0 Collected $1000 of enemy finances. 55
The Hover-Trap The Hover-Trap 0 Defeated an enemy squadron on the Hoovercraft. 25
Sea and Destroy Sea and Destroy 0 Defeated an enemy squadron on the Boat. 25
The Truck Stop The Truck Stop 0 Defeated an enemy squadron on the Truck. 25
Sweet Ride Sweet Ride 0 Your vehicle has been armed. 10
They Don’t Look Friendly They Don’t Look Friendly 0 Rescued Kilmer's bootleg character. 30
Who the Hell Are You Anyway? Who the Hell Are You Anyway? 0 Rescued Liza. 30

Secret Achievements

B-Side B-Side 0 Unlock the Secret Ending 100
By Desert, River, and Swamp! By Desert, River, and Swamp! 0 Won a battle with every vehicle. 60
Tiny Octo-Car Tiny Octo-Car 0 Found an abandoned car in the Desert. 10
Game-Breaking Motion Sickness Game-Breaking Motion Sickness 0 Unlocked a hidden animation. 10
Octo-Python Octo-Python 0 Unlocked the hidden cutscene at the gate. 10