TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 Achievements

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TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Let's pretend it never happened Let's pretend it never happened 0 Used manual respawn for the first time 15
No pain no gain No pain no gain 0 Fell off 50 times 15
Humble beginnings Humble beginnings 0 Finished a race in solo mode 15
Day/night cycle Day/night cycle 0 Finished a race at each time of day 15
Ready for take-off Ready for take-off 0 Accelerated 0-200km/h (0-124mph) in less than 7 seconds 15
Rising star Rising star 0 Won 20 races 30
Road trip Road trip 0 Rode 1,000km 70
Shiny and Chrome Shiny and Chrome 0 Used all livery colours available 25
Pimp my ride Pimp my ride 0 Upgraded a bike for the first time 15
Bulk up Bulk up 0 Upgraded a bike and reached the exact weight limit 30
Take a breather Take a breather 0 Made a first pit stop 15
In the fast lane In the fast lane 0 Crossed the pit stop line above the authorised speed limit 15
A mountain to climb A mountain to climb 0 Finished a complete lap of the Snaefell Mountain Course 15
Welcome to the club Welcome to the club 0 Completed a race in a multiplayer mode 15
Take the plunge Take the plunge 0 Started career mode 15
The Full Circle! The Full Circle! 0 Finished a season in career mode 20
Duty calls Duty calls 0 Completed a contract objective in career mode 15
A done deal A done deal 0 Completed all three objectives in a contract within one season in career mode 30
Lone rider Lone rider 0 Completed a season in career mode without a team contract 30
Sign of things to come Sign of things to come 0 Earned a championship signature in career mode 20
Witness me! Witness me! 0 Earned all championship signatures in career mode 30
Looking perky Looking perky 0 Used four different types of perks in one race 20
A claim to fame A claim to fame 0 Earned 200 reputation points in career mode 30
Big spender Big spender 0 Spent £100,000 in the shop 30
Serious business Serious business 0 Acquired a supersport, superbike and classic bike in career mode 15
Careerist Careerist 0 Unlocked all events in the calendar 20
Traditionalist Traditionalist 0 Won the Classic TT in career mode 25
Supermanx Supermanx 0 Won the Junior TT in career mode 25
Irish Champion Irish Champion 0 Won the Irish Championship in career mode 30
Just my cup of TT Just my cup of TT 0 Won the Tourist Trophy in career mode 30
Easy Rider Easy Rider 0 Earned 10 gold medals in the Challenge Area 30
The Wild One The Wild One 0 Earned 250 medal points in the Challenge Area 70
You're gonna need a bigger garage You're gonna need a bigger garage 0 Acquired all bikes, parts, liveries and suits in the game 70

Secret Achievements

Iron Mann Iron Mann 0 Won the Senior TT in career mode 70
Living Legend Living Legend 0 Won the TT or Senior TT in Hardcore mode 70